10 Chinese Drama Masterpieces that Deserve Your Time

chinese drama

Korean dramas are famous but Chinese is no less. Need some time out to chill and relax. Refresh your mind with an innovative dose of entertainment. We have just the thing for you. A personally curated list of some of the best Chinese dramas. Yes, you heard it right Chinese drama, we will be talking here soulfully about 10 Chinese drama masterpieces that deserve your time so let’s get started! 

 Well, I am sure the first thing that must have popped in your mind would be how can I possibly watch these? I probably wouldn’t even understand the language but here is where you are wrong there are various sites like My Asian Tv, Asian Taxi and even Netflix that can provide you with the leisure to enjoy these foreign dramas with English subtitles.

At first, you might be a bit dicey even prejudiced against these shows, consumed by the stereotypes like that the dramas are so out of context, unrealistic to watch. But honestly, that is all in mind but once you start watching them you are sure to get addicted to them.

There are various Chinese dramas that one can watch but as a beginner in the Chinese industry, before you dive into the haul of Chinese entertainment.

chinese drama

Top 10 Chinese Dramas to watch :

  1. Meteor Garden: 

A beautiful onset of a contemporary college romance. This drama tells the story of Shan Cai, a college freshman, from a middle-class family. 

Who gets accepted in one of the top-notch universities for the elite students. From where her journey of finding true love begins through all the obstacles. 

The story is sure to give you a visualisation of an idol college romance, conjuring you to a rollercoaster of emotions. 

It is a Chinese adaptation of the Korean drama Boys over flowers which is a must watch!

2. Falling Into Your Smile: 

If you are looking for an onset of a modern-day romantic comedy, Then this is for you. The setting of the drama revolves around the esports community. 

Love blossoms within the esports industry. Tong Yao and Lu Si Cheng, the main leads and also team players of the same team, manifest a young adoring romance about all the hardships as the legends of the gaming field. 

A realistic and eventful series showcasing the difficulties one has to sustain and fight through, on achieving a certain level of popularity. A humorous yet heartwarming drama will surely make you cry and laugh at the same time.  

3. Crush:

As the name suggests, the drama portrays a heartwarming storyline of Sang Wu Yan, a college senior, in hope of becoming a broadcaster. Meets a man named Su Nian Qin, a mysterious songwriter, blind by birth develops a crush for him. 

The story follows the path of the touching connection they build together, alongside facing all the barriers coming their way. 

A drama that will coax your heart with the feeling of warmth and love.

4. Sweet Tai Chi: 

A warm story that will ease your mind. Feng Piao Piao is a school student with an attributable ability in the classical Chinese art form. Also with the known knowledge and skill in the traditional Chinese form of fighting known as Tai Chi.

Later she develops a beautiful love story about Wei Chi, the heir of the Tai Chi clan. 

And together along with their raging romance and the skill of Tai Chi they develop a beautiful piece to captivate the viewers.

5. Love Designer: 

A love story between a fashion designer and a man in the e-commerce industry. Fashion designers Zhou Fang and Song Lin, incredibly define the concepts and the issues of the fashion community, while beautifully indulging in an adorable love sequence. 

The drama claims about various technicalities of the fashion field and the daily ups and downs one conjures in the middle of life.

6. You are my glory: 

A story that follows an aerospace engineer Yu Tu and a celebrity Qiao Jing Jing. A unique and pure story battling all the social stigmas of the society such as that the man should have a superior status in comparison to a woman. 

It shows how a couple deals with the basic and the given norms as a couple. Alongside how they deal with relationship problems. A story that derives a personal touch and connectivity.

7. Unforgettable Love

The drama revolves around He Qiao Yan, CEO of Heshi Group, and Qin Yi Yue, a child analyst. 

It recounts the narrative of a sane and impassive man and a delicate, hopeful, chivalrous, and careful therapist, whose relationship is created from colleague to adoration.

chnese drama

8. I hear You: 

A story of an ordinary girl Bei Er Duo who dreams to become a dubbing artist in Japan. 

Ye She Wei is a violin maker with an elite background but with a mysterious, cold character. Thus a beautiful musical love journey began between the two on the sets of a reality show. In between dealing with the tragic yet eventful situations of a love voyage.

9. Tears in Heaven

A strong, dark love story between an Architect and a businessman. The protagonists of the play Du Xiao Su and Lei You Zheng beautifully portray the hardships in a relationship in contrast with family and business drama all scripted together. A drama that will emotionally and personally touch you in ways one can’t imagine.

10. Gank Your Heart

Last, but certainly not the least one of the most popularised dramas in the Esports industry for its dedication to love and gaming fused. 

This is a love story between an esports gamer and a Tsundere live streamer. Ji Xiang Kong and Qiu Ying their meeting was a recipe for disaster, but as the story goes the drama will of course captivate your heart.

These romantic sagas are sure to make you fall for the notion of love all over again. 

Get lost in the world of romance and charisma in this beautiful and diverse industry of entertainment.