10 Feel Good Movies on Netflix


After a year and a half of dealing with the pandemic, we all deserve a holiday. We might not be able to go on a vacation on a distant island. But we can have a Netflix party at home. Don’t you think we all deserve some cozy, comforting entertainment? 

Netflix has a bunch of feel good movies to make you all warm and fuzzy. But, the problem is how to choose one movie from the endless stock of Netflix? 

Don’t worry, because we’ve got it covered. Here is a list of 10 Feel Good Movies on Netflix that will definitely cheer you up.

  1. Enola Holmes (2020. Mystery, Adventure) – 

We all have grown up watching Sherlock Holmes and reading about his adventures. How about watching his little sister’s adventures for a change? 

Enola Holmes, the third and last sibling of the Holmes brothers – Sherlock and Mycroft is no less than her brothers. With her amazing observation and disguising skills, she goes to search for her missing mother.

2. Out of my league (2020. Romance, Drama) – 

This Italian Rom-Com with a dorky protagonist, swoon-worthy love interests, and beautiful friendships will make you laugh and cry at the same time. The story revolves around Marta, a quirky young-adult with a rare genetic disease who  is tired of finding love on the internet, so she decides to stalk the dreamy Arturo Selva whom she meets in a party. The story follows Marta’s dating adventure and her fight with an incurable disease. 

If you’ve loved movies like The Fault in Our Stars and Five Feet Apart, you’re gonna love this one too. 

3. The Edge of Seventeen (2016. Drama, Comedy) – 

Growing up is hard especially when your best friend starts dating your high-achieving elder brother. Sadly, this is the reality of 16-year-old Nadine who was already not having the best high-school experience. Nadine struggles with loneliness and the feeling of not being understood until an unexpected friendship with one of her classmates. 

Dealing with themes like identity, growing-up, and loss of innocence, this film will make you sympathise with and fall in love with all the characters. 

4. La La Land (2016. Musical,Romance) – 

This Academy Award winning film is a beautiful amalgamation of wonderful acting, spellbinding music, and beautiful performances. 

Sebastian, a jazz pianist and Mia, an aspiring actress fall in love. But as they start moving closer to their goals, they find it increasingly difficult to be together. 

This movie is nothing short of a magical, musical affair. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have given one of their best performances. Watch this on a cozy, rainy day with a delicious dessert to have the best experience. 

5. The Half of It (2020. Romance, Drama)- 

Ellie Chu, a shy-introverted, straight A student agrees to help the school jock. She starts writing love letters on his behalf to woo the girl he has fallen for. She never expected to become his friend in this process or to fall for the same girl. 

This coming-of-age film is sweet, charming, and makes you all warm and fuzzy. Dealing with the themes of diversity, identity, and coming-out experiences it conveys everything perfectly in one and half hours. 

6. The Theory of Everything (2014. Romance, Drama) – 

Physics prodigy Stephen Hawking’s life was no less exciting than his theories. This film narrates the story of his life when he got to know that he has got motor neuron disease and a limited time in this world. 

A tale of bravery, determination, love, and hope, The Theory of Everything will take you through a roller coaster of emotions. You will laugh, cry, and marvel at the spellbinding story of an astrophysicist who never said no to life.  

7. Notting Hill (1999. Romance, Comedy) – 

This classic Rom-Com is a part of almost everybody’s watchlist. Defined as the comfort movie of many, this film will make you start wishing for a love life. 

When William and Anna meet, it’s love at first sight. However, their polar opposite backgrounds create a ton of problems in their relationships. After all, the life of a British bookseller is starkly different from that of a high-profile American actress. 

A beautiful love story set in the romantic 90s, this film will instantly become your favourite. 

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8. Lady Bird (2017. Drama, Comedy) – 

If you’ve lived your whole life in a particular city, you must feel like moving to a new city for college. Christine McPherson who likes to go by the name Lady Bird also feels the same. Born and Brought up in Sacramento, California, she desperately wants to move to the East coast for university. However, lack of money and good grades don’t let her fulfill her dreams. 

Applauded as a modern classic, this coming-of-age film explores the process of growing up in a beautiful way. If you ever feel alone or homesick, watch this film and you’ll give a new name to that feeling. 


9. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018. Romance, Comedy)- 

Based on the book of the same name, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is the story of Lara Jean and her romantic encounters. When her secret love letters get mailed to their recipients, Lara Jean suddenly becomes the centre of attraction for a lot of potential love interests.  

While navigating school, academics, co-curriculars, and a shy disposition Lara Jean has to confront all of her love interests. Will she actually fall in love with one of them? Or are all those letters just a part of a pre-teen fantasy? 

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10. Marriage Story (2019. Romance, Drama) – 

This Academy Award winning film is no less than a masterpiece. It follows the story of an actress and her director husband and their journey as they go through a gruelling divorce. 

This film doesn’t fail to show humans at their most vulnerable stage. Raw, emotional, and immensely moving, it explores the process of divorce with utmost honesty. Watch this to have a nice crying session and to experience the whole gamut of human emotions. 

Hope you find the list of these incredible movies helpful, we curated just for you. Have an incredible movie night with your friends and family whilst some good food, because there ain’t any fun without a bowl of popcorn and some soft drinks while having a movie marathon!