3 Reasons you should practice spirituality

3 Reasons you should practice spirituality

Spirituality can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. It is unique in its very essence and yet diverse. Spirituality is when one connects to their divinity or their inner soul. This connection with your soul, more often than not, gives way to powerful intuition. 

One can never define spirituality for it is as diverse and unique as humankind. Some people link spirituality to religion, but the truth is far from it. As with every religious aspect, there is a boundary, a set of rules to follow, and traditions to observe. 


But with spirituality it is nothing like that, there is no boundary or specific rules to observe. Spirituality depends on the person practicing it, some find they’re calling with prayers while others find their calling in mediation. 

Whatever be the way you decided to connect to divinity and your soul, spirituality will help you find inner peace and happiness. It is believed that with spirituality one can also listen to the knowledge that the universe is trying to share. 

Why is spirituality important?

Spirituality is important because it talks about the meaning of life and the purpose of living. Spirituality teaches that one should always find answers within before seeking them outside. It is also important for various other reasons like it teaches us compassion and forgiveness.

It talks about love and virtue. Spirituality is not bounded by customs or traditions. It is something that is observed uniquely within every individual and is reached by everyone at their own pace. 


The pace of reaching or observing spirituality is different and unique to individuals and hence one should never measure themself with others. The most important part of spirituality is accepting oneself.

Advantages of spirituality

There are various advantages of observing spirituality in daily life. Spirituality can help us a lot with bringing peace into our life. One should observe spirituality to connect to their inner self and have a refreshing perspective of the world.

  1. Reduction of stress and anxiety

Spirituality helps in connection with your inner soul and hence helps you with establishing a connection with the divine. As per research, people practicing spirituality and different methods of spirituality are likely less prone to anxiety attacks than those who are not practicing.


In essence, spirituality is about getting peace so if you have managed to have that balance within yourself then it is highly unlikely that you would not be at peace within yourself. The entire concept of spirituality is based on peace and happiness. 


Hence those who practice spirituality or methods of spirituality such as meditations and prayers or chanting hymns feel more refreshed than those who do not practice spirituality.

2. Interaction and Understanding


Once you start practicing spirituality then you also start asking and understanding deeper meanings of everyday things. For example, you would be able to empathize more with someone or you would be comparatively more willing to lend an ear or hand to those who need it the most. Spirituality increases your social awareness and interaction. 


Once you start having a connection to the universe, the universe would also like to have a connection with you. It is believed that spirituality helps with establishing a connection with your guardian angel and you can listen to their advice more accurately and patiently. It is said that asking questions about deeper meaning or establishing a connection with your environment can help you in your journey on the planet earth. 

You can also feel your growth and transformation from before practicing spirituality and after practicing spirituality. Spirituality can help you with transformation and acceptance of yourself and your ideologies.

3 Reduce blood pressure and other health benefits

In recent times we have seen an increase in people with high blood pressure, depression, heart attacks, and so many diseases and discomforts. If you look deeply most of these diseases either occurred or occur because of stress and an absence of peace of mind.

benefits of spirtuality

 Hence the practice of spirituality plays a vital role in having peace of mind and can help with the reduction of blood pressure, and stress. This can help with reaching peace of mind which will effectively reduce stress and hence reduce strain on the heart. When you are at peace and have maintained balance in your life, you also have time to invest in other productive activities. Peace and spirituality also bring happiness and prosperity. 

Hence it is recommended to every individual practice methods of spirituality and establish a connection with the divine or universe.

Various methods which can help you in your journey of spirituality can be prayer, meditation, yoga, and journaling. The last part was a bit of a surprise, as journaling is not often given due importance. 


It has been observed that writing helps with inner contemplation and connecting within the self. Journaling helps with facing difficult challenges of life and it is believed that journaling can also help with making you strong internally and help you with facing difficulties in life. 


One should pick the practice of spirituality as per their need, choices, and things that give you peace.Spirituality is good and even advisable but should not be used as a method to deflect yourself from what is required or needs immediate attention.

forms of spiritual

If you are facing any issue or need to make a decision or you are using spirituality to sidestep the problem then it can pose a problem. For example: if you need to apologize to someone for some emotional wound but you sidestep it by saying everything happens for a reason. 

This is not the correct way to implement spirituality in life. One should always be willing to forgive and ask for forgiveness when wrong.

As per Roshan James, a person practicing spirituality and also guiding others on the path of spirituality, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be true to yourself. If you like her words or resonate with her then our piece on her would help you a lot more in understanding spirituality..


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