5 Min Bit with Hanging Hammer

5 Min Bit with Hanging Hammer

Hanging Hammer is a luxury interior design and architectural firm that is committed to delivering inspiring and timeless spaces, be it your home, hospitality, retail, offices, or other commercial space. With over a decade of experience, they have been counted upon to create design magic by capably experimenting with space, colours, materials, finishing, and light. Though based in Hyderabad, Hanging Hammer works across India as well as globally on various projects, including residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality. They are the people’s go-to when it comes to Interior design services.

Resonating with Wearstler’s very feelings connected to designing, Hanging Hammer’s erudition is unquestionable when they say: “It is our passion to design and build inspiring spaces!” Stay engaged as the founders of Hanging Hammer take us through their journey, their views on the industry, and a word of advice for young entrepreneurs too!

5 Min Bit with Hanging Hammer

5 Min Bit with Hanging Hammer


Questions and answers

What drew you initially to start a luxury interior design and architectural firm?

With over a decade of experience, we wanted to create a niche in architecture and designing space and hence Hanging Hammer, a Luxury Interior Designing & Architectural firm based in Hyderabad, was conceptualized, and conceived. It’s our passion to design and build inspiring spaces!

What is the USP of Hanging Hammer and how can we differentiate it from other luxury interior brands?

Hanging Hammer signifies the importance of “Concept to Build”. We take on specialized projects with a high amount of attention to detail and conceptualize elaborate design styles and execution plans, with adherence to budget and timeline. We take turnkey projects and cater to clients’ end-to-end requirements with us being the single point of contact throughout. We craft every given space with individuality, personalization, and sustainability.

What are some roadblocks/ failures you faced when you started working on Hanging Hammer?

Each roadblock has presented us with opportunities to make ourselves better and develop our processes further. In the beginning, our main concern was getting a reliable and robust supplier base ready for project executions. The due diligence process for each supplier was long and exhausting. We were tempted to onboard suppliers by cutting short the process. But we realized that shortcuts in the evaluation process can be detrimental in future.

How did you tackle them?

We have built a supply chain management team within the organization that focuses extensively on vendor management. We have categorized our vendors and maintained a database in all segments of products and services and can leverage it when we need to. We have also set up transparent and foolproof terms and conditions with them to have a smooth transaction.

What are some pre-requisites for starting a luxury brand in India?

First, you should research thoroughly: Luxury brands are all about creating a feeling of exclusivity, sophistication, quality and understanding if it creates enough value when viewed from the client’s perspective. The next step is in creating a strong identity and keeping your product focused so that the prospective clients know their way around the brand. Lastly, hard work, innovation and consistency would always be the primary drivers for a successful brand establishment.

What’s the healthiest piece of advice you would like to give to anyone who wishes to take the entrepreneurial route?

The day you think that you cannot learn anymore, you stop growing. Taking risks in life is very important to push your limits and know what you are capable of. Lastly, we believe that you have to market yourself because no one else will do it better than you. If you want to make your worth known, you must get out there and give every ounce of your energy to make yourself and your company visible.