5 Min Bit with Isha Patel

Isha Patel

‘Let’s do what we love, and do a lot of it,” says Isha Patel, a graphic designer who created her brand Hermoza with the purpose of creating magic with her designs. A graphic designer by profession, Isha completed her graduation in MBA from Sydney and later moved to India. She worked as a Social media manager for a while and realised the gap for minimalistic, elegant and impactful designs. She decided to bridge the gap by bringing the vision of the clients to life and adding a personalised touch to it.

Her brand Hermoza portrays ‘beauty’ and believes in telling a story through designs and aesthetics. Specialising in wedding cards, Hermoza’s classic pieces and elegant designs are sure to leave you in awe. Keep reading to know more about Isha Patel and her entrepreneurial journey.

Isha Patel

5 Min Bit with Isha Patel


Questions and answers

When you first moved to Sydney, did you face any difficulty adjusting to the culture-shock?

I would say Sydney has been the turning point of my life. The naive girl who used to sit in the corners learnt to discover the streets as she moved to a different country. Of-course, there is no denial saying that things were different than India but I learnt to embrace those changes. Rather than terming it as ‘difficult’, I ‘enjoyed’ those cultural differences. As time passed by everything became smoother and a source of inspiration.

How did you discover your niche for Graphic Designing and how did it reverberate your passion?

I discovered my niche when I quit my job to do something more fulfilling and meaningful. By now I was well aware that I am a creative soul and I had to do something about it. Upon quitting my job, one of my contacts reached out to me for designing wedding stationery and while doing that I realised that colours, shapes and aesthetics makes me happy. I was appreciated for my designs and realised that my work actually adds value to someone’s dream business or special day. After that, I started walking on the path of turning my passion into my full day business.

What makes Hermoza a unique entity when it comes to creating customised stationery for weddings?

Hermoza- the name itself means beautiful. The entity believes in bringing the vision of the client to life and adding a touch of elegance to it. Weddings are one of the most sought after events of life and Hermoza makes sure to tell the story through designs and reflect the personality of the client across the wedding.

What are some of the major trends of the wedding industry when it comes to stationary this season?

Nothing can beat ‘Personalisation’ this season. It is very simple: personalised elements are always close to heart and cannot be replaced. Apart from wanting your guests to feel honoured and remember the special day, paying attention to the exquisite and unique details has become the need of the hour. Menu customisation has become a favourite for the couples where they look forward to having their names attached to dishes and beverages, based on the theme of each event. Talking about wedding favours, couples are opting for gifts that are suited for long term as well as personalised stationery has gained a huge fanbase.

Are you a believer of the notion that our past mistakes shape us? If yes, have you ever felt like something that you might have regretted in the past might have been a turning point for your career?

I believe that everything happens for a reason, either it’s a blessing or a lesson. It is definitely a human tendency to make mistakes but it is also important what you learn from them. I do not have anything in the past that I regret but whatever my past is has definitely helped me become whatever I am today.

You have a diverse range of clients from diverse industries. How do you manage to cater to their taste while also adding a personal touch of your own in your products?

As I said earlier, Listening and communication skills are few of the most important skills that a designer should possess but are often ignored. Every client has a different vision and it is essential to understand that. I make sure to listen to them carefully, list down even the smallest of details and consider them while designing. My style of designing is minimal, elegant and classic. I discuss my style and share my portfolio with the client beforehand so that we are on the same page. Later, I add my touch to the designs that match with the vision of the client. And, until now, none of them have been disappointed.