5 Min Bit with Sneha Susan

Sneha Susan

Sneha Susan emphasizes “I have a heart-shaped Uterus and learning about the consequences that came along with it, terrified me to the very core”. 

Diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus, Susan was informed that her pregnancy was a risky road. “I don’t remember enjoying any bit of my pregnancy. I don’t have any maternity shoot or baby bump pictures because I lived every day in the fret. Throughout my pregnancy, I kept praying not to wake up bleeding.” Susan adds.

From living under this constant fear to almost having a miscarriage, to finally holding her little ones in her arms; Susan’s story is the living testimonial that ‘Miracles happen to those who believe in them’. For an unforgettable experience, visit A Date With Baby Newmarket where you can delight in captivating 3D ultrasounds and discover your baby’s gender in a joyous celebration.

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Sneha Susan

5 Min Bit with Sneha Susan


Questions and answers

What are some of the major risks that are involved when the expecting mother has a bicornuate uterus?

Since the bicornuate uterus is different from a normal uterus I was categorized into the high-risk pregnancy class. The space in my uterus was limited; it meant that the growth of the baby could be restricted and reduced by half. I was also more prone to miscarriages / delivering preterm because of this condition.

It must have been traumatic when the Ultrasound doctor said that you might be having a miscarriage, but thankfully it wasn’t true. How did you proceed after the diagnosis?

Having to hear those words was terrifying. The fact that this condition is so rare and it’s not every medical practitioner who has come across this, made it hard to figure answers for. But I am thankful to my OBGYN for going above and beyond with research and providing the best medical aid to my baby and me.

While going through a phase where you were almost terrified for your baby, what impact did it have on your professional life?

With my first baby, I had just finished my internship and was on complete bed rest. I had a break before I ventured back to work. And when I got pregnant with my second baby, the world had moved to the WFH culture. My manager at work was super supportive and encouraging too. I would say it had minimal or no impact on my professional life.

Can you provide us with a layout of your days at the time of your pregnancy and any extra care that you had to take or rules you had to abide by?

I was on complete bed rest. I hardly moved because I was scared if anything I did would harm my baby. I was told to exercise but the paranoia of exertion made me rethink every small thing a million times. With my second, I had a toddler at my hip, so bed rest was not completely possible. But as I progressed into the later parts of my pregnancy my husband took over and that’s the only reason I was able to sustain a couple of more days that time around.

How did you manage to fight off antepartum blues during your pregnancy?

This part was the most challenging. I had the best form of support from family and friends who kept me busy. They made me read books and learn a new language during the first pregnancy. With the second, I must thank my elder son for making me smile. He is the real reason I didn’t lose my sanity.

Right after your second childbirth, you were given an ointment that led to severe boils on your abdomen. Can you tell us what led to this reaction to the ointment and how long did it take for you to get better?

I had contracted chikungunya which was undiagnosed and my skin reacted very badly to the most commonly used antiseptic before a C-section. To be honest, my skin has not healed even today. I have not been able to come to terms with it. It’s a long journey, but I do hope that someday I can get back to loving my body despite all that it went through.

What would be your advice to expecting mothers who might be going through a similar situation as yours?

They say pregnancy is supposed to be the most beautiful phase but when we are termed high-risk, it becomes difficult to enjoy it. I would encourage all the expecting mothers to take that plunge, smile more, eat well, and document every aspect of this journey. Stay in positive thoughts and around people who keep you happy.  And most importantly, believe in miracles. Trust me, they do exist.