5 Min Bit with Vandana Manglani

vandana manglani

Dreams can come true if you follow them wholeheartedly. Vandana Manglani, the founder of Elysian, is not only a believer of dreams but also knows how to change them into a reality. She always wanted to open a décor shop where she could give art a shape and change them into fine handmade customized items.

If you want to know how to use resin art and designs to decorate your place with beautiful hand-made customized products, digging deeper into this conversation will surely guide you in making some interesting choices.

vandana manglani

5 Min Bit with Vandana Manglani


Questions and answers

Can you tell us about your journey with Elysian and when did you first think of starting up the store?

The journey started when I started investing in my dream. I always had a passion for décor homes. The first step was to learn interior design. My thoughts were very clear that whenever I open a décor shop there will be such articles that can be hand-made customized items. I was looking for something different from the regular stores and came to know about resin art. It was exactly the form through which I could create, design, and make articles as per requirements. It has now been 9 months that I’ve started Elysian and I am loving it!

What has been your best-selling product and why?

The best-selling products would be clock and nameplate because they are almost like essentials in every home. The way we design them is very different from the ones available in the market. They are according to the requirements of our customers hence it’s the best thing one can get.

Resin is an art that’s not known to many. Can you give out some more information about resin as an art form?

Resin is created when a running chemical called Epoxy resin is combined with various color pigments to produce a brand of unique colors and textures. And this resin mixture is gradually mixed with a hardener in a given ratio. Resin art is famous as it can change any plain wooden furniture into eye-catchy art pieces. This vivid art is also seen on the coasters, bookmarks, photo frames, and many more.

What is the definition of art for you and what are the few things that being an artist has taught to you?

For me, art is a mediator of the unspeakable. It is one of the best forms of communication. An artist expresses his creativity through art and it is a visual result of his thoughts and imagination with various kinds of texture, colors, and shape. Art is often intended to appeal to, and connect with, human emotions.

Being an artist has taught me to be punctual and patient. I want to pass a message to all the artists who are reading this. Just be patient with yourself and don’t stop believing in your work. Remember, great things take time and time is a great healer of everything.

#Apnatimeaayega #Tobeartististobeliveinlife

What are some projects in pipeline and where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In the next 5 years, I want to have various ventures in different branches of art and different cities of India. I want to provide employment on a large scale. Making quirky and affordable home décor items, accessible to everyone is the aim.