6 Benefits of Using a Microfiber


Hair TowelIs your standard bathroom towel not cutting it anymore? Here are 6 benefits of using q microfiber. Don’t go back to the store to buy another rough and scratchy towel. Consider buying a microfiber hair towel instead. 

Microfiber towels have been a hair care “secret” for people with curls, but they’re actually great for everyone. 

We’re here to talk about all of the benefits that microfiber hair towels have to offer. Read on to learn more.

  1. It’s Great for Thick Hair

Sure, people with thin and straight hair might be able to dry their locks with ease, but those of us with thick hair know how hard it is to dry off after a shower.

Do you shower late at night because you know that there’s no way for you to dry your hair off fast enough in the morning? 

Have you forgotten to take a shower before a night out because you didn’t want to show up to an event or an outing with dripping curls? 

We’ve been there.

Microfiber hair towels are perfect for drying thick hair regardless of its texture. They absorb water without making the hair too dry or frizzy. 

While it will still take longer for your hair to dry than it would if it was thin, it will be faster than it would be with a conventional towel.

Simply place the towel on your head after a shower (after scrunching excess water out) and leave it alone. Remove the towel when your hair is only damp to the touch and let it air dry the rest of the way.

  1. You’ll Dry Off Without Damage

Speaking of quick drying times, you’ll be shocked at just how fast a microfiber towel can dry your hair without the use of harmful heat.

Heat is terrible for your hair, especially if you apply it while your hair is still wet. That’s right, if you hear a sizzle or see steam, you’re doing something wrong. 

Heat damage can cause frizz, split ends, or even changes in your hair texture. 

That said, most people use heat to dry their hair because it’s so much faster than conventional air drying. When you use microfiber towels, you’ll dry your hair faster without the use of hot blow dryers. 

So what if you don’t use heat? Even conventional towels can cause frizz and split ends if you’re too rough with your hair. Because microfiber towels are so soft, they remove the problem. 

Microfiber towels are the gentlest way to dry your hair. You don’t have to rub or pull at your hair and there are no scratchy fibers or unnecessary designs. 

  1. No More Rogue Towel Lint

Have you ever found stray pieces of towel lint in your hair after drying off? 

Most affordable towels that you can find at department stores are filled with extra fibers to make them softer and plush. While this softness is good, those fibers will fall out over time when you rub them against your hair and body.

This leaves you with colorful pieces of lint and string in your hair that you might not notice until you’re out and about! Embarrassing. 

Microfiber hair towels don’t have this problem. They aren’t artificially soft and they don’t have excess fibers waiting to ruin your hairdo. 

  1. Better and Bouncier Curls

Have you been struggling with your hair texture? Are your curls no longer as bold and bouncy as they once were? You might benefit from a microfiber hair towel

The damage from conventional towels or heat tools might cause your curls to fall limp and flat. Even if you have a solid haircare routine and good nutrition, your curls could still look dull and lifeless.

Microfiber towels are the best hair towel options for people with curly hair because they’re able to get deep into the hair for easy water absorption without causing damage or flattening your curls. 

The towel is lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about your hair losing shape while it dries. Once you use the towel and then air dry, your curls should spring right up. 

Keep in mind that it might take a while after switching towels to see results. Always combine microfiber towels with a curl-friendly hair care routine. 

  1. Easier Traveling

Do you bring your own towels with you when you travel? 

Anyone who’s ever dyed their hair knows that sometimes bringing a personal towel on a trip is necessary. You don’t want to mess up anyone else’s towels!

Even if your hair doesn’t dry, sometimes having a personal towel feels more sanitary. When it comes to people with curly or thick hair, having a personal towel means that you’re not hogging the towel from anyone that you’re traveling with while your hair takes ages to dry.

Standard towels take up a lot of space in your bag. Microfiber towels are thin and sleek, making them easy to pack in a carry-on. 

  1. A Comfortable Way to Dry

Do you love putting your hair up in a “towel turban” while it dries? Is your large bath towel weighing you down while you try to go about your post-shower tasks? 

Standard towels are too heavy for your hair, but sitting down for the duration of the hair-drying process isn’t always an option. 

When you use a microfiber towel like the Turbie Twist, you don’t have to strain your neck or readjust your towel every few minutes. It’s lightweight and easy to wrap so you won’t even notice it.

You Need a Microfiber Hair Towel

A good microfiber hair towel will change your hair for the better. You’ll prevent damage from rough towels and heat, you’ll reinvigorate your curls, you’ll travel with ease, and you’ll be able to wrap your hair up without any excess discomfort. 

Microfiber hair towels are affordable and long-lasting. Don’t waste money on low-quality towels for your hair

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