6 Reasons – You Should Switch to Organic Skincare Products

Skincare Products

Is skincare an Holistic element for the human dermis ? 

There’s a saying that whatever you put on your skin reflects on your body.  Like when we become extra cautious while grocery shopping or cooking, we should show the same level of vigilance while choosing skincare products. Eating clean and healthy is a great choice but it should be coupled with using natural and organic skincare products

Keeping your skin clean and healthy is one of the biggest indicators of whether you are healthy on the inside or not. Since skin compromises a significant part of the human anatomy, we should ensure a healthy lifestyle. Which is why switching to natural and organic skincare products is the best place to start on your skincare journey. 

Why ? you may ask, well though there are significant grounds as to which you should switch, but there are some potent pointers one must know when using chemically inclined skincare products. To be specific 6 reasons as to why you should switch to organic skincare products. That will make you stop and think, am I doing this right? But don’t you worry we have got you covered and  let’s together begin a voyage towards a new journey !

Skincare Products

Here, we are listing 6 reasons why you should switch to organic skincare products

  • Organic skincare products contain natural ingredients 

It’s pretty obvious that unnatural products are bad for your skin. Organic ingredients are grown in a natural habitat  without the use of pesticides and other fertilizers. Natural products like tea tree oil and lavender extract have soothing effects on your skin. Rosewater is utilized to treat acne and soothe  irritated skin. Sea salt makes the skin healthy by replenishing minerals. Coffee beans are great antioxidants for the skin. No chemicals are added to organic skincare products, so you can be sure that you are treating your skin with only natural products. 

  •  Non-Organic skincare products worsen your skin 

The chemical ingredients present in various non-organic skincare products are harmful to your skin. Some lead to premature ageing and wrinkles while some make your skin dry. With prolonged use, non-organic skincare products can irritate sensitive skin. For instance, Benzoyl Peroxide, a common ingredient found in a lot of non-organic skincare products, makes skin dry, red, and sore. Sodium lauryl sulphate is mainly used as a skin conditioning agent. It is known to be an irritant for the  skin and eye. It can cause allergies, redness, and can make skin dry and flaky. Hydroquinone is another popular ingredient used as a skin lightening agent. It can cause a disease called ochronosis in which permanent black and blue  patches are formed on the skin. 

While reading the ingredient list, you must have come across Phthalates. They are used to keep the products soft. Phthalates can disrupt hormones and can cause adverse effects on the reproductive system. 

  • Organic skincare will help you save money 

Don’t believe me? Well, try it out yourself. Since organic skincare products contain only natural ingredients, you don’t have to use a large amount. The natural ingredients improve your skin even when used in small quantities. 

This makes them last longer than your usual non-organic skincare products that finish pretty quickly. Invest in organic skincare one time and enjoy the benefits for a long time. 

  • Organic products are best buddies for  people with allergies 

Since organic skincare products do not have any harsh chemicals, they are kind to your skin. If you’re using organic products, your skin is very less prone to inflammations, irritations, and redness/ dryness. Although some organic products do contain ingredients like peanuts, hazelnuts, milk, or strawberries that are some common allergens. However, it’s pretty easy to identify these ingredients to cure the allergy as opposed to the countless chemicals used in non-organic products. 

  • Organic skincare has stood the test of time 

Organic skincare is not a new concept. Our ancestors have been using natural products to cleanse and protect their skin for a long time. Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Lavender Oil, Neem oil, etc are well-known products with proven skincare benefits. Before the discovery of chemical ingredients, these natural ingredients were used to treat the skin. They have proven their worth and shown not to have any harmful side effects while being true to their purpose that is nourishing the skin. 

  • You’re being kinder to the environment 

Skincare products that contain harsh chemicals are very harmful to the environment. Some may contain harmful gases, aerosols or non-biodegradable residual products. Organic products, on the other hand, are made up of natural products that do not harm the environment. Moreover, a lot of the organic skincare brands are cruelty-free which means that they do not test their products on animals. So, most of the natural and organic skin care lines are vegan-friendly too.

Some popular vegan brands are Plum Goodness, Forest Essentials, The Nature’s Co, Aroma Essentials, La Senza, Prakriti Herbals, Rustic Art, Lush Cosmetics, etc. 

In this way, you can be kind to your skin and the environment at the same time by switching to organic skincare.

Skincare Products

Making a change can be a bit hard. Before shifting completely to organic skincare, a little research is necessary. Search for the organic skin care lines  that are accessible and affordable and suit your desired needs. 

To make your experience easier, we have compiled a list of some organic skincare brands that are widely known to benefit your skin. 

Some of the most recommended  organic skincare brands by dermatologists include – Biotique, Khadi Essentials, Kama Ayurveda, Organic harvest, Plum Goodness, MamaEarth, etc.

Check out these organic skincare brands to take your skincare routine to the next level 

So what are you waiting for? 

There is no excuse to not use organic skincare products. Countless users are reaping the benefits now. And they are very happy that they made the transition at the right time. It’s time to say goodbye to harmful unnatural products and welcome organic skincare products in your homes.