7 DIY Fashion ideas to try at home


Have an enthusiastic eye for fashion and design. Want to manifest some creative fashion statements. Well, then this is it for you! A catalogue of 7 DIY fashion ideas you can create from the comfort of your home. These are perfect design-centric activities, which one can enjoy without getting bored. These recreational projects will fill your time with leisure and innovation, while locked inside your houses. These plans are sure to keep your hand full and your mind full of good energy. A perfect stress buster.

These innovative stylings are sure to indulge in the world of creativity. One might think DIY can turn out to be messy and the opposite of what is accepted. But that is not entirely true, DIY fashion can be done right if the right instructions and steps are followed. By the time you are done with it couldnt be easier than you have imagined. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right into the soulful addicting journey?

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7 DIY Fashion ideas to try at home :

  1. Personalised Patchwork 

Dive into your closet and look out for some old worn-out clothing items, that you might think can be patched up with some scheming designs. So let the process begin, an innovation of old apparel to brand new trendy outfits. 

Pick up your sewing kit, look for an iron patch or a sewed patch, they can be available on sites like amazon, if you are not willing to buy then, look out for more clothes in your wardrobe which cannot be worn again and cut out the patches from there onto the other garment. 

Better yet if you are good with embroidery you can knit your favourite design. Tada a brand new piece of clothing is ready to be worn!

2. DIY Tie-Dye

Remember reading DIY books when you were small, and one of the most popularised DIY books of that time and which still is Tie Dye. One of the most basic yet trendy fashion enigmas of all time. 

Pick up a basic white shirt from your closet and tie up the shirt in a spin and dip the shirt in the colours of your choice let it dry in the sun for a while so that colours properly come out on the shirt.

You can tie-dye on any of your clothing apparel be it shorts, jackets, sweatshirts etc. It is recommended to try out this activity outside in your yard as things might get messy.

Don’t forget to put on your gloves and cover your overalls with an apron.

3. DIY Jewellery 

Love wearing accessories, so I am sure designing and making them would be just as much fun. We all have at least once come across those DIY jewellery making sets. Well, that is your go-to must raw device to incarnate the final product. 

You can use colourful threads with shiny beach baubles, shells or charms to innovate your dream jewellery piece. 

Don’t forget to mix things up, that is the main mode of , to create something unique and out of the world. Fuse it and wear it.

4. Homemade Mask

Well in recent times, the mask is one of the necessities, it is equally important as water and air nowadays. To DIY a mask according to your fashion styling what more could you ask for. 

These trendy fashions can be marked useful when going to match with your outfit. You ask how to make them, honestly it quite simply takes a pillowcase, an old shirt, or even a dust bag from a pair of shoes or handbag and then all you require is a hair tie or a rubber band and the right technique to fold it. 

If you wish to go onto a deeper process then you can even learn how to sew it on YouTube.

Fashion Trends

5. Bead It 

Let’s give your old shirts a full-on makeover, take out a pair of scissors and cut the bottom half of your shirt into fringes and wet the fringes to perceive a curly look then take your favourite vibrant beads to fix it in the fringes and tie the knot in the end and done your chic and quirky fashion statement is ready to be worn with a pair of shorts and matching sandals. 

6. Paint it till you make it 

If you also have artistic influence within you, and you want to collaborate it with fashion design senses then this is it. Take a pair of old denim jeans or shorts, locate a specific area where you think you can create your design.

Dont forget to put a plastic bag or cardboard on the inside of the apparel to give it a base. Allocate your desired design on the clothing piece with vibrant colour patterns, brushed by you. Viola, your hand-printed designer jeans are ready. 

You can even imply the same on your old boots or shirts too to revamp them all together into brand new creations.

7. Bleach it 

Take an old piece, design your wanted style. Once done, mark the clothing piece with tape on the areas you want to bleach it. Then bleach the areas with the bleach spray and leave the clothing to dry off for some time. 

Just keep in mind while doing the activity that bleach is a dangerous chemical so you should accommodate this activity in a well-ventilated area and protect your skin and eyes well, remember to always wear gloves as well.

Hope you have a great time doing these activities and you also share these innovative ideas with your friends and family!