7 Must Try Indian Beers


Are you a beer lover? Looking out for a drink over the weekend, then definitely check out our list down below of 7 must-try Indian beers. Which shall illuminate your taste buds with the euphoric taste and penetration of a heavenly touch. Nothing sounds more satisfying than a chilled glass of beer, with an exquisite platter facilitating delicious mouth-watering spicy mutton kebabs toppled with some refreshing company of your friends and family. 

We are sure if you are a hardcore beer lover you must have tried a few imports or even if you are new in the alcohol business and want to try something light and mild then beer is your go-to beverage. So which is why we have enlisted some of the lesser-known India beers, which one should give a try. After all, desi is desi and nothing would charm your heart like a desi drink.

From the planet hubs of alcohol Goa and other cities of India, we have some of the most ambiguous alcohols for you that will become a part of your bucket list. So let’s not wait any further and dive down through this beer drive.


Top Indian Beers to try :

  • Maka Di

First on our list is Maka Di. This beer originates from a region of scenic and divine beauty of beaches, Goa. This beer brand is said to be a venture of Latambarcem Brewers which is founded in Goa

This beer stimulates with the tone of Honey Ale, American Lager, Belgian Tripel, Belgian Wheat-Blanche, and The Bavarian Keller. And it has been recounted in Konkani Maka Di is perceived to mean “Give Me”.

  • Godfather 

The name truly serves its purpose to the alcohol, this beer in all truth is the king of all the Indian beers. This juncture is a flagship label of Devans Modern Breweries Limited. This company was first set to start its operations from Jammu in 1961. Normally the brewing of the beer takes up to about 12 to 15 days but this beer elongates up to a 25 days manifestation process. 

This beverage conjures very refreshing flavours to it. This drink is scripted into three different variables, Strong 7.5% alcohol content, Lager 5% alcohol content and Lite 4.5% alcohol content. Though the strata of notes correspond to being on a bitter side, somehow that is one of the reasons it is such a favoured drink.

  • Khajuraho

This beer was first introduced in the year 1969 by the Lilasons Breweries Ltd. By far it is acclaimed to be a super strong beer in India. The drink is available in two varieties Super Strong 8.5-9% and Lite 4.5%. The beer holds a very sweet texture. 

This unique, illicit drink stands to have a very dignified look with the elusive Khajuraho monument depicted all over the bottle. This is the best-sported drink for a hot summer day!

  • Eight Finger Eddie

Wondering what a weird name for a beer? Well, this beer gets its name to pay tribute to an American Hippie who was known by the name of Eight Finger Eddie and had an unrooted love for the beaches of Goa and made the paradise popularised among the hippies around the year 1960s. 

This beer marks to be facilitation to individuals who standardised Goa to be what it is today! This beer serves to pack a fruitful punch, instituted with a creamy texture and an alluring label. One sip to the drink, and viola you will be seeing the beaches of Goa.

  • Kati Patang 

This beer forges to have Himalayan spring water in its process of brewing which further constitutes for it to have a darkish ale pigmentation, with the tones of medium caramel and the slight era of citrus pleasantries. 

It is best recommended for those who savour a palate of a tangible flavouring than those of froth. This brand perceives an identity of freedom and creativity as its brand concept. Truly an all in one beverage.

  • Simba 

Well, we are sure you must have heard about the movie Simba? Well, we aren’t here to talk about the movie, but to talk about the free-spirited beer beverage Simba. This alcohol constitutes a lion with sunglasses as its official logo, truly a thoughtful representation with a colourful vibe all around it. 

The numerous variants of the beer are to be Wit, Stout, Light and Strong. One of the most famous variables of this beer is said to be the classic Belgian wheat beer, though even stout is known to be very favoured among the youth of India. So if you want to try something extravagant and cool then this is your drink.

  • UB Export 

This drink can be hunted down in the city of Bangalore which is manufactured under the label of kingfisher, United Breweries. The beverage simply carries notes of heavy, mildly sweet flavours with being definite pocket friendly. 

It is standardised to have options varying from premium to strong. Need a drink to chill out then this is the one for you. Definitely will bring your varied days to ease.

Wow, what an exceptional ride of beer fragments of India isn’t it?

Have you tried any yet, or is it your first time reading about them? Though what might be the situation, don’t you feel a little parched in the throat than what are you waiting for? 

Go grab your glass of chilled beer and some finger linking and enjoy your day. And don’t forget to tell us in the comment about your favourite beer.

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