A fashion Revolution: Anshika Kaushal

A fashion Revolution: Anshika Kaushal

Since a very young age, Anshika Kaushal has had an undying passion for art, creativity and fashion.

She started working on her calling by doing small gigs for friends and family during college days and went on to work with many renowned designers. With a thought to seize the opportunity amidst pandemic, the seed of entrepreneurship was now rooted in Anshika’s mind.

Building on this accomplishment, she has collaborated with industry experts and undertook some extensive research to refine her expertise. Eventually, she launched her premium label Anshika Kaushal which is now up and live for people to experience the ultimate form of luxury, comfort and sophistication.

Through Anshika’s unique creative process, she aims to inspire many young girls in the industry to discover their own distinct niche and embrace their personal style.

A fashion Revolution: Anshika Kaushal

A fashion Revolution: Anshika Kaushal


Questions and answers

How did your journey start?

Ever since I was in fifth grade, I have harbored a deep desire to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Designing has always been my passion, and this inclination persisted throughout my entire schooling journey. In the midst of the pandemic, I seized the opportunity to embark on an entrepreneurial venture. I went on to work with various fashion designers and engage throughout my network to further enhance my expertise.

Can you talk about your college journey?

During my time in college, I engaged in various extracurricular pursuits that set me apart from others. Additionally, I actively participated in a multitude of co-curricular activities and competitions, such as Skill India, where I reached the national level.

What does my brand predominately stand for?

The main objective and purpose behind establishing this label is to instill confidence and empowerment in those who wear it. The goal is to provide a sense of luxury, style, and comfort to the wearer, while also ensuring that anyone who tries on the label’s products feels a positive and inclusive experience without any apprehension or fear of judgment. In essence, the aim is to offer everyone an opportunity to experience the feeling of luxury with comfort. 

What do I want to change about the fashion industry?

Inclusivity is something that I am really passionate about and which I feel is not yet completely present. We listen and read a lot about size inclusivity and how brands are now moving towards it but a big chunk of them are still not doing it. It’s not very common for a plus size person to get into a designer store and come with a ready outfit. So that is what I would want to change in the industry and I myself will be contributing my bit in this respect.

Take you through your process of creating a collection?

The process of creating a collection begins with the inception of ideas based on my personal interests and concepts that intrigue me. I extract elements that personally resonate with me followed by sketching. The next step involves sourcing fabrics and employing various surface techniques based on the specific items being created. Subsequently, I collaborate with my team to evaluate what works and what doesn’t, utilizing the aspects we appreciate to continuously create diverse styles. After completing the collection, we incorporate accessories, style the pieces, and arrange for professional photography.

A word of advice for young girls in fashion?

For aspiring individuals in the field of fashion, I strongly advise immersing yourself in practical application alongside theoretical learning. While books offer valuable knowledge, nothing compares to hands-on experience. Additionally, it is crucial to discover your unique voice and personal style, especially in today’s world abundant with inspiration from platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and the works of fellow designers and artists. Finding your own distinct niche will truly set you apart from the masses.