5 Min Bit With Aarushi Jain


Metropolitan cities bring out the best in you, right? “Well, not really”, says Aarushi Jain.

Moving from a small town to Nagpur, people will say that it was there when she flourished and became an author but Aarushi believes that her small town is what gave her the true wings to shoot up and pursue her dreams.

In her interview with Storiyaan, she tells us about her dreams, aspirations, and what writing means to her. Her story makes us realize, that if you truly believe yourself, you can overcome all the endeavours that come your way.


Questions and answers

At what point did you “stop believing in the notion of stars waiting for them to shoot and be one” yourself?

My family has always believed in better doing than just saying. So, in 2019 when my first article was published, I realized that instead of waiting for opportunities I should go out and grab them and decided to become an author. I decided to be my own star and shoot forward without waiting for an opportunity to come knocking at my door.

When was your first exposure to writing and how has its themes and styles developed over time?

I have been writing poetry since first grade but the first real exposure I got was in the ninth standard when I was chosen to write an article for the school magazine. I never looked back after that and eventually started writing for Instagram and newspapers, and then went ahead to write my own book.

Tell us about your experience of being interviewed by Radio Mirchi.

That was one of the proudest moments for me and I will always cherish it. People got to know about the face behind Penned Ideas, and I could share my journey and experience with all of them. It made me believe that I could achieve greater heights.

You already have eight published articles in your name. Of these, which is the one article that you are the most attached and proudest of for having written and why?

I’m always grateful for the articles that I have written but my first article will always be closest to my heart. The topic was “Little things aren’t really little”. It is about my life and how I started with the little things in my life and how I eventually made a career out of my passion for writing.

What are some of the promotional strategies that you use for your works?

I have been writing for social media for the last three years and I have tried all the promotional strategies to expand my reach. But now that I have evolved and become an author, I have realized that instead of expanding my reach what is more important is that people read my work. Therefore, I have stopped using all these strategies and concentrate on people who genuinely read my work.

How do you decide the tone of your content and what kind of research is involved in your writing to ensure the credibility of your work?

Since the day I started writing, I have always made sure that my language is more relatable. Since it is a generation that prefers listening over reading, I try to ensure that my work sounds more audible than readable. As for credibility, since I have started writing on social topics, I make sure that I have researched well about it and my work reaches the right audience.

Coming from a small town do you feel that living in a metropolitan would have made a difference?

When you live in a small town, you are already aware that you will not be provided with a lot of opportunities. Whereas, if you live in a metropolitan city, you are given a lot of exposure and chances and therefore, become a little lenient. When you already know that you have to work hard to get something, you will start early and I will always be grateful for that. I knew from the beginning that I will have to work my way through things and I did so.