Aashi Sogani-The palette of soul

Aashi Sogani

The palette of soul-Aashi Sogani

Once I was just another content writer, spinning the 9-5 loop in the corporate. But then the nation went under lockdown, and all I had was time, the time to introspect and reflect what I wanted from life. With the quarantine locking us out of our social lives, I noticed everyone was withering to dullness. Amidst this stretch of nothingness, it struck me on how less time we invest in self-care—especially women who juggled between family and jobs.

I wanted them all to catch a breath, and give them a daily reminder to indulge in self-care. So that’s how ‘Soul Palette’ was born. A mindful lifestyle digital media platform on self-care for women. The first month was just digital content dedicated to uplift people with some motivational quotes, tips on a healthy lifestyle, reminder posts for self-care and blogs which channelized positivity. It was going good until I started feeling that we needed something more than words; we needed a physical reminder. Thus we came up with the concept of ‘Soul Boxes’. They were monthly self-care boxes, thoughtfully designed with essentials to take care of yourself—a mix of 7-8 goodies designed around the theme of the month. So if September is centred around ‘good habits’, the soul box would mirror that theme. It will contain products which would promote good habits. Like a jar of green tea, to brew in the morning, healthy snack boxes to munch on, candles which exuded a heavenly fragrance for the aromatherapy and inspiring newsletter to ignite motivation.

Moreover, we spoke about social issues, which were leeching people, and this isolation binding them with unspoken horrors of anxiety. So we wrote about topics such as digital detox, wherein we suggested measures to counter the urge of social media addiction. Also, we ran a campaign on PCOS, where we invited professionals in the field to speak on the topic and extensively spread awareness and suggestive measures to deal with it.

With Soul palette, my vision was to construct a community for women, who could help and grow with each other. A place where they could relate and share their problems and a community which would always be present to support and empower women across the globe.