Aashish K. Jha – The Thrills of Entrepreneurship

Aashish K. Jha

Discontinuing a well-established 8 year-long corporate career and starting a business of your own, is not a risk everyone can take. And that’s what makes Aashish K . Jha’s story worth the read. If you aspire to start a business just like him, then a site like Niches Directory is your ally.

From balancing between his passion and profession, to facing the initial rejections and challenges, Aashish’s journey is a perfect depiction of a corporate life action film. There are drawbacks, drama, the internal quarrels within oneself and everything that a working professional relates to.

Now that you are all intrigued with this snippet, we can assure you that it only keeps getting better as we proceed towards his career growth and future aspirations. Don’t miss out to read this blockbuster journey on Storiyaan’s website.

Aashish K. Jha

Aashish K. Jha – The Thrills of Entrepreneurship


Questions and answers

What turning point came in your life that you decided to be an entrepreneur after 8 years of corporate life?

I was diagnosed with borderline diabetes, borderline cholesterol, fatty liver and defected vision when I was just 26 in a routine health check-up. This was like a very big revelation to me and I decided to opt for healthy living through regular exercise and good nutrition. I studied about the nutritional benefits of food supplements and came across the brand Nutrilite, which is marketed by Amway.In a span of six months, my sugar, cholesterol as well as vision came back to normal and I could not believe that Nutrition could do such wonders. I wanted to share my findings and help as many people as possible and this is where my journey as a Nutrition Entrepreneur (Nutripreneur) started.

How did your interest grow in the Network Marketing Business and what made you choose this field?

Honestly, I was skeptical in the beginning and had never really gone into the depth of the subject. I was then helped by my mentor who had a phenomenal understanding of people and their psychology. I came to know that organizations /corporations are nothing but a network of employees who are working for them to further create a network of customers through a network ofchannel partners / distributors / outlets.This concept appealed to me and I decided to try it out. I feel proud and blessed to have been able to help thousands of people get financially stronger, become more optimistic, and hopeful by utilizing this opportunity to make their lives better and more significant.

During the initial days you had to juggle between your corporate life and your business. How did you manage to keep yourself motivated on days which used to get really overwhelming?

I had to go through the grind, face many rejections andhad colossal defeats before I could actually start learning and enjoying the game and thereafter, chasing victory.My mentor told me that the biggest learning I could get initially was the ability to face rejections one after another and still keep my focus and passion alive, which I learnt the hard way. I also had difficulty initially in switching from my job routine to business hustle in the same day. So, this was solved by my mentor teaching me the Time-trapping technique. Time-trapping means having people fix appointments with you in the time frame that is meant for recreation or relaxation. After all, no one ever became successful living out of one’s comfort zone. A busy calendar, trapping yourself, hustling every single day is the key to my success.

Share with us your journey working at Coca-Cola?

I served astheChannel Marketing &Key Accounts Head for East India atCoca-ColaIndia.I joined them as a Management Trainee and was trained across India at different locations and was one of the best performers. I got an Exceptional Performance rating in my Management Trainee Stint. I was selected to lead the market share turnaround for Jamshedpur & Asansol territory as my first assignment as Area Sales Manager, which I achieved in a short span of one year. My growth as a manager was one of the highest in the country and I won many laurels and also got promoted fast. Altogether, I had quite a successful and exciting journey workingat Coca-Cola.

You inspire many people across the globe. What is your technique or strategy to understand and impact them, helping them to fulfill their dreams?

I make them understand the ground reality, because more often than not,people get a wrong picture of the industry. This industry is not about getting rick quickly or overnight success as is often projected of understood by many. I believe in keeping it simple and practical.

I’ve been an advocate of financial freedom and financial education for the last 8 years. I’ve always told people that if you respect SARASWATI enough and you ensure that you and your coming generations are well-educated then you should also respect LAKSHMI enough and ensure that you are your coming generations are wealthy as well.

Our country needs more and more entrepreneurs and Network Marketing / Direct Selling offers one of the finest and least risky platforms for becoming an entrepreneur. My motto is to educate people about this and empower them fully.

Share with us a client review that boosted your professional life and a happy experience.

There are many such instances where I get messages from people every day that really fill my heart with love and motivation. It makes me feel that I am doing something really great and helpful. Recently. popular singer & songwriter Ritviz’sDad gave me this feedback by saying how my thought process and clarity has impacted and helped him.I am an ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda and one quote of his really inspires me –Main ussPrabhukasevakhujisseagyani log manushyakahatehain (‘मैंउसप्रभु का सेवकहूं, जिसेअज्ञानीलोग मनुष्य कहतेहैं’). I’ve always believed in serving humanity and I am blessed to do that successfully through my endeavors as a Direct Selling Entrepreneur.

What are the qualities required to pursue a career in Direct Selling / Network Marketing?

The two most important qualitiesthat are required in this field, are resilience and persistence. One must have the perseverance and patience needed for success. One must have the willingness to help people. If you are on amissionof helpingmillions of people, Godwill bestow upon you His / Her infinite resources and blessings which will help you complete your mission, because there is no higher ideal than pursuing – The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of People. Besides the above, one must be a big dreamer, visionary, action-oriented, goal-focused, people-friendly, ambitious, willing to learn & listen as well willing to change in order to pursue a career in Direct Selling / Network Marketing.

There are many rumors regarding multi-level marketing and often people have a risk of getting scammed. How to separate the genuine opportunities from the scams?

People who believe in overnight successand taking shortcuts, are the ones who fall into such traps. In every field,becoming successful or wealthy takes time. If any system is promising quick money, then we must understand that it could very well be a trap. As on date, it isveryeasy to identify the legitimate & legal entities in this field by simply going and checking out the government guidelines. And, I must say I am both happy and relieved to have partnered with Amway, which is the global leader and treated as a benchmark in the Direct Selling Industry.

What are some of the opportunities that are unique to the Network Marketing Industry and what makes this field / industry stand out in the recent times?

The most unique opportunity that you get in this field is the opportunity to own your own business. This has the potential to solve India’s employment crisis. Anyone can get started in Amway Businesswitha capital investment as low asINR 5000 which is against products only and that too is covered witha 90 Days Free Look-up Period wherein the Business can be checked and the Business Owner gets a full refund guarantee in case, he / she wants to quit business within the Free Look-up period, which makes the business practically risk-free. Besides, we learn a lot of life and corporate skills as we build this business.

Another advantage of Network Marketing is that it has very less scope for failure because guidance is available at every step and the path to success is well-defined and risk-free.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years and what are the new projects you would like to work on?

In the next five years, I see myself amongst the top 50 Network Marketing icons of India and in Amway I see myself at least at the level of Double Diamond. Since, healthcare and helping people has become my passion, I am going to pursue healthcare startups as well as help people as a Life Coach, besides helping them carve out their paths to financial empowerment and freedom through the Network Marketing Business Opportunity.

Quick 5

1. One mantra you follow in your life -Helping People Help Themselves

2. Your biggest motivator – Swami Vivekananda

3. Your proudest milestone  – When I became Emerald in Amway Business and got selected for the Young Leadership Advisory Council of Amway

4. Your happy space? – My Home, My Family, My Workstation

5. When you don’t work, you mainly? – Chill out with Friends, Workout, Travel, Read and Play Games.