Aashmin Sheth : A Writer Elite

Aashmin Sheth

Positivity being her daily demeanor, Aashmin Sheth, writes masterpieces with the writing gene flowing through her veins. Based at Shimla, the Himalayan aboard heaven, she has worked with leading newspapers in India and has her website.


Her Micro-tales are well renowned among the masses, and you too might have gone through them! Know more about what the author has to say about writing, her life, and inspiration, as Team Storiyaan had an interview with her.

Aashmin Sheth: A Writer Elite


Questions and answers

How did the writing bug bite you? Did you write during your school and college days?

The talent of writing flows through my genes, and I have got it from my mother since I was 10!

But because of a busy schedule at school with me making my mark at best, I couldn’t unleash my talent of writing along and hence didn’t reach platforms! It all started with me writing letters to my parents on their birthdays and anniversary for which they were highly impressed and encouraged me to pursue writing as my fad as it perchance is the best gateway for my achievements. Writing made me confident of my existence, gaining appreciation from people made things work. I researched my writing and started blogging up at WordPress and Blogger and started growing them. It all built up through the past years of my school years and emerged out as fruitful!

Your micro tales on Instagram are fascinating. How did you come up with this idea? What was the inspiration behind it?

I am always into making ways that indulge creativities and mould my write-ups into various forms that reach people’s hearts and make them connect the way their feelings mould up,

The power of love is one of the most potent aspects one goes through in his or her life, and so why not write upon feelings that touch one’s heart! So yes, the idea of micro tales means a lot to many!

Do you think that being based in Shimla, which is known for its beautiful mountains and pretty scenery plays a role in keeping you motivated and upbeat? Does the serenity of the place affect your writings?

Yes, Shimla- Himalayan aboard of heaven is a place no less than heaven that has such a calm impact on my mind that drives the power of my words. It helps me write so much better

Writing has a simple rule, and that is, the more peaceful your surroundings, the clearer is your route! Though exceptions are always there, most of the writers find quiet areas to frame their words into pieces of ART! It motivates me in ways beyond limitations, and the horizons line up a series of inspirations for me!

When did you decide to use your talent and skills to help others with their lives? Can you elaborate on how you do this?

People always appreciated me for my positive demeanor and admired me for the way I listened to them, and hence is a good listener I could help them with the best and positive solutions that gradually led up to me to head this up to a large number. Life coaching is one of the most helpful and powerful ways to uplift yourself.

And so starting up with positive blogs, accounting to Gave a great start to our initiative!

How did it feel to have your work published in one of the leading newspapers in India?

It is a proud feeling to be a part of leading newspapers in India, and it gives me immense pleasure to know the fact that my articles reach many people and make a difference in their lives! I am looking forward to more!

What does the word logophile mean to you, and how does it help in defining your personality? Does it have any significance?

The word LOGOPHILE means a lover of lyrics, which sits perfectly on my personality. A phrase that explains my emotional attachment for words and hence has been very lucky for me!

My blog journey has started with this phrase, and I look forward to having this all through my journey.

You started a beneficial initiative with your co-initiator, Shantanu Jain. How did you come up with this idea together?

Shantanu has been consistently providing me with all the assistance with golden knowledge that benefits me to shine. He has always lit my path with his experience and correct guidance. With the perspective of building a place that helps people motivate themselves, inspires them with positive energy, and proclaims every possible way that gets in through! We both worked as a team, starting the journey from scratch, and got through many ideas that followed us with words in our head and an idea in our hearts! To take forward this initiative, we are here with a solution to a problem, and we look forward to a positive outcome that heals many and spreads LOVE through the most in-depth and most extensive oceans worldwide!

Writing has evolved through ages. There are various ways to write today. What do you prefer, writing in notebooks, the traditional way, or do you prefer the digital way and why?

Frankly, I’m flexible with both ways of drooling words, initially starting up with filling out diaries, and with advancing technology, pens turned into keyboards! So both ways find me useful!

You're a fearless warrior, especially to us young millennials you are. How do you manage to debunk sexism or disregard in the society, both- as a woman and a bisexual woman?

Over many years, I have learned that listening helps. Most phobia comes from deep-seated conditioning or plain ignorance. Usually, both have never been questioned. I look to find the root of the problem in the people who exhibit sexism or uncalled comments and ask them respectfully. However, I do not shy away from calling out bad behavior or addressing the situation head-on if people are not respectful. I have found that most Indians seem to be coming from a place of ignorance and not hate; it helps to know this and remain calm.

‘Welcome aboard, Aashmin’s Airways’ talks about body shaming and overcoming it. What was the source of inspiration to write this piece? Have you faced such challenges?

“Body-Shaming” is one of the common issues in our society, and Acknowledging it for a long time, I wanted to frame this up in a creative manner to reach masses and especially for the ones who are facing this at a stretch. For them to know that they are beautiful in their ways and the people who body shame have an impaired vision, I have myself not gone through body-shaming specifically but had the experienced sight!

You’d gone live with renowned author Ravinder Singh. How was the experience, learning from one of the masters?

It was a fantastic session with Ravinder Singh. Interacting with him has been so informative and an absolute delight. It’s great to know how such an excelling author sees life as and how gears up his words into pears of love and have been an inspiration to many!

You’ve recently released your podcast. How do you feel so far, knowing that your words are influencing a wide-range population? What new content have you planned to bring upon it?

It is a delightful feeling to adhere to that my voice is reaching thousands—the idea of podcasts revolved around, reaching out and making a powerful impact on people. The number of love people has showered upon all through these years is what I’m short of words for. I feel so blessed to have such amazing people around! When it comes to someone changing the way they think about life because you influence them is something so good to feel about! It is indeed a beautiful feeling!

I’m planning on some great content that would benefit people’s mental health, which is the hour of need!

Writing involves a lot of inspiration and imagination; how do you keep yourself creative? Does traveling help you in that regard?

Yes, writing is something that involves a lot of creativity and imagination, which is, fortunately, not a problem for me as it is something out of my thoughts. I tune my thoughts into words, and that makes it so easy for me to indulge in, what I believe is to make a difference one needs to change the way they think. Traveling is something I always look forward to, exploring new places, traditions, cultures are a binge to me! Moving around widens your thought process and hence helps me with my writings! Remember:—


What motivated you to get into this profile of spreading positivity into one's life? Was it an experience, or you witnessed an incident?

The happiness of seeing someone finding themselves back and moving up with the harsh phases, giving me a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction is something above all the pleasures in life. Yes, it is experienced by me myself. Whenever life challenges, you see it with a real eye and see how easy it gets you going.

You have addressed women empowerment in multiple ways. How do you think an initiative can be taken by an individual to encourage herself?

The first thing a woman should take a step is working on believing in herself, nowadays women are underestimated in many spheres of life, but once a woman feels in herself, no force can stop her from letting her achieve her goals!

Quick 5

1. Coffee stains or ink stains? – Coffee

2. Secret garden or secret library – Library

3. What would people hear if they could read your mind? —- Probably find all my ideas revolving day and night

4. One skill that would help you the most? – Self-confidence

5. Describe your perspective of the world in three words- BELIEVE, STIMULATE, ENDURE