Aasshna Guptaa – Drawing Fate from the Cards

Aasshna Gupta - Drawing Fate from the Cards

Do you ever wonder about the forces greater than us or anyone? No matter how rationally we try to see it, some things will always prove to be elusive. Believe it or not, there is some supernatural intervention influencing our actions and fate. And there are very few who learn to identify these forces and draw connections between these and our lives. Aasshna Guptaa, a trained psychologist, occultist and tarot card reader is here to help you out with these mind boggling forces and intervention. She has been pursing this profession since long and has some great insights for her clients. Recognising this gift in her, she has come a long way and proven herself in all spheres of life; from being a daughter, wife and mother to working as a dedicated psychologist and tarot card reader.
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Aasshna Guptaa – Drawing Fate from the Cards


Questions and answers

How does your job as a tarot card reader inspire you?

My profession as a tarot card reader totally transforms me. I never realised it. Growing up watching my parents respect their work, then marrying a man who worships his business; all this was something I never really understood until I started my own venture. I have high respect for my profession and my clients. The trust they have bestowed upon me keeps me going and constantly acts as an inspiration.

When did you realise that you have a knack for this field?

As a young girl, I used to have dreams about people’s lives. I never really understood the reason behind it. I started talking about it to people in order to make more sense of these dreams or visions. With time these things kind of started fading away. After my marriage, It reappeared. I still had visions or whatever you may call it, for my loved ones including my husband. When I was expecting, I visited a tarot card reader. This somehow reignited my yearning to understand those visions. To fan my curiosity, I started learning tarot. It is then that I realised I always had a knack of the occult, I just wasn’t mature enough to see it then. Now I feel gratitude, happiness, confidence and power when I read for anyone.

What were the major roadblocks you faced while pursuing tarot reading?

Honestly, when I started learning, my daughter was just 2 months old. Just stepping into motherhood, it was a little painful, but never a roadblock. But when I was a novice in this profession, I faced some difficulties. That felt as a roadblock because I started to think it isn’t for me. But it was only a matter of time until things fell in place and my passion and profession started blooming.

How do you deal with someone who doesn’t believe in card readings and belittles it?

Thankfully sceptics who have come to me left with a happy response and have
become my regular clients. I do feel bad when tarot is seen as magic or something
dark, or something to be looked down upon. But I don’t let the hurt overpower my
love for it and I treat every client, believer or sceptic with equal amount of respect. And I think in the end, the love, respect and dedication overcomes the hate in the
way. I am grateful that I have had only 2 such encounters in the 5-6 years of my

From your initial days up till now, how would you describe your journey?

A rocky unsettling start, which was short lived. I used to be hesitant to tell people what I do, but when I started to get a little better and understood why tarot and what tarot really is, there was nothing stopping me.

What is the one thought or advice that keeps you going when things seem unfavourable?

My dad, the library of good positive thoughts and amazing advices says “Believe in yourself and trust what you do, and the rest will fall in place.” This keeps me going.