Aastha Garg: The Healing touch

Aastha Garg

“My clients are my motivation”, says Aastha Garg, a tarot reader. While there are so many tarot card readers out there but Aastha is one such who believes in healing and curing her clients from within. She doesn’t mind going out of the way, to give accurate predictions to help people walk past their problems in life. From being a crafter to becoming a tarot reader, Aastha highlights,” We don’t choose the tarot, the tarot chooses us and I feel really blessed to be the chosen one. Tarot helps me connect deeper with my inner self at the same time help people to do it.” She stresses upon positivity and believes it to be the key factor in tarot reading for her clients.

If you are lost and struggling in your life, you can definitely seek Aastha’s help and experience the difference in you. To know more, keep reading below.

Aastha Garg

Aastha Garg: The Healing touch


Questions and answers

What turning point came in your life that you decided to be a tarot reader after being a renowned craft artist?

After 7 years of crafting, I moved on to tarot reading. My sciatica pain made it difficult for me to sit for hours. It was not at all easy. So, I had to quit crafting. I believe tarot was my ultimate calling as now I craft for myself and tarot for others. One thing that I firmly believe is that we don’t choose the tarot, the tarot chooses us and I feel really blessed to be the chosen one.

What are your ways to help and connect with people to guide them through the entire journey of spirituality, peace and tranquility?

I connect with my clients through tarot reading. I conduct life coaching sessions as well for those who seek emotional cure for healing and also check upon them regularly. As of now, the life coaching session is exclusive only for my tarot clients. It will soon be opened for all.

Do you arrange your sessions based on the needs and the problems of the clients and what are the expectations a client can keep attending your sessions?

Currently, I hold text reading and calling session. Those with limited questions of 4-5 can get the reading over text whereas for unlimited questions one can always opt for calling session which has been divided into three parts- 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 1 hour. Better life awaits you when you are connected with me. Positivity is all that my clients should expect from me as there is no room for false hopes.

What was the rough phase in your life that has made you understand the importance of healing insights?

I have observed that rather than reading, people look for someone who would guide them, someone who would not judge them, someone with whom they can share their heart out. I have seen people breaking down and that’s the worst feeling. So, I have commenced taking life coaching session. I believe in reading for people first and thentalking to them for guidance and healing.

Often people get misled while falling into the wrong hands of tarot card readers. How can one check the authenticity and one avoid such mishaps?

Well, there are some of my clients, who in my unavailability took reading from another reader. They came back to me saying that the readings were inaccurate. They don’t understand how can a wrong reading change all their positive energies into negative. Always remember, an authentic reader will never give you any false hopes, instead will focus on your problems and provide guidance accordingly.

Share with us a clientele story that has deeply impacted you and motivated you further in your professional life?

Honestly, my clients are my motivation. They chose me to read for them amongst so many others. The fact that they believed in me gives me strength. What really makes me happy is the moment when they come back and thank me with all their heart. Once a client extended her session to two hours and next day I realised that my left hand got jammed. 😄 That was my biggest motivation.

Elucidate us through the ways one can reach you for tarot card reading and seek your advice?

You can reach out to me on Instagram and Facebook. I am more active on Instagram rather than WhatsApp. So we can easily connect there. I am available on Instagram and Facebook by the username tarotized_by_aastha