Aishwarya – Designing a New Way of life


Aishwarya - Designing a new way of life

I saw my hard work cripple before me, as the pandemic struck. How did I pull through it, you ask? 

My name is Aishwarya and, I am a fashion designer by profession. You can view my work on my website- I am by the name @ mireilleofficial4 on Instagram.

After acing my bachelor in design from Pune School of fashion technology, I was in a dilemma. Abroad for studies or my own business? Having interned for a well-known designer, I flipped the coin in favor of my business. I was blessed with financial support in setting up my business. But that was the extent of the helping hand, and my parents stretched for me. My father never vouched for me to his contacts in the fashion industry—a clean slate. The first six months were hell. I had to fly on my own in this howling storm. There were financial challenges, a tough nail to hammer. My employees depended on my success.

My studio was far from the main street. So it was tough to get exposure from people. But perhaps the best advertisement is that of the mouth. Splendid work will attract attention. Mine did too. I collaborated with celebs for films and Marathi shows. My work caught eyes, and my business started minting money. For which I was featured in Femina in 2017 and made it to page 3. Pune Mirror featured me in their leading women entrepreneur issue. But just when I had found my footing, it swallowed me like quicksand.

Enter lockdown, my iceberg. I was losing out on business, and my financial stats were dipping dangerously. I was shrouded with depression. Anxiety attacks wrapping me with turmoil and overthinking leeched away my sleep. So, I started reading books and followed positive pages on Instagram. I started listening to motivational speakers and positive podcasts to frame my mindset. I started being consistent with YouTube, where I upload makeup videos, to stay productive. Meditation soothed my soul tranquil. It got me thinking that no one is going to stud themselves with Designer Lehengas for 50 people in these times. The business for loungewear is ripe. So I started loungewear under my label separately, and it sold out in two days. Just like that, I was back in the game. Law of business, adapt, or die.

Whatever happened with me gave me an immaculate perspective. If you can’t hit small targets, then you can’t aim further.