Akhil Kakkar-A jargon here and jargon there

A jargon here and jargon there-Akhil Kakkar

I’m the creator of the Instagram handle @dufterjargon, a page that humorously describes the corporate jargon in vogue these days. I’m essentially a storyteller and the founder of, a recently launched website that provides advice on leadership, career and management skills, workwear, and wellness at work. The Instagram handle @dufterjargon, which was started in early June this year, currently has over 30k followers.


During my over a decade of experience in marketing and communication, and while studying management at Lancaster University in the UK, I noticed that corporate culture was full of jargon. And this is despite the fact that jargon doesn’t help people bond at all. I honestly think that jargon makes people feel disconnected from each other, and adds unnecessary complexity to a situation. By the way, I, too, am guilty of using jargon!


So, while studying for a master’s in creative writing from London, I understood the power of storytelling and began to apply it to my life and work. Since then, my work and short stories have been featured in major publications.


Stories are human and are much more engaging than just stating facts or using jargon. Dufter Jargon is my way of sharing a few light moments and making honest and fun storytelling part of a new corporate culture. The world is a much better place when we can laugh and share stories. In the future, I plan to use the power of storytelling in corporate learning and development under the brand umbrella.


I believe in the power of positive storytelling. Whenever I’m unhappy, or in a negative frame of mind, I craft my current life story constructively and keep on telling and retelling this story in more positive ways. This positive spin on my narrative gives me a strong sense of clarity and happiness.