Amee ShivRam: Healings in the readings!

Amee ShivRam: Healings in the readings!

Amee ShivRam started her journey as a tarot reader following the divine connection she felt on her way. Reading for people and helping them through guided sessions filled her soul. She later went on to become a Vastu consultant, healer and an author. Coincidently, Amee was inclined toward this profession because of a dream and her inclination towards it has made her an incredible tarot card reader for almost a decade now. Amee is also ranked at #3 in India under the category of best Tarot Card readers of India by Astro Ved.

Read more to understand the spritual and mystic side of the life of Amee ShivRam.

Amee ShivRam: Healings in the readings!

Amee ShivRam: Healings in the readings!


Questions and answers

Tell us about the meaning of the events that led to your rendezvous with the art of tarot reading.

In June 2009, I was working with Deloitte for my CA articleship. One day I had a dream where a pair of bejeweled hands were passing over some playing cards displaying different kinds of images. I thought it was just a dream but the universe has its ways of connecting to us. Those cards intrigued my interest in tarot reading and then I shortly bought them and began practicing.

What are some of the factors that one must be careful of when seeking to learn tarot reading?

I think most importantly you should have a calling. If you are just learning it for some extra money then you are going to go wrong for sure. If the Tarot chooses you then you are meant for Tarot and it is not the other way round. Secondly, the cards exuberate energies that you would not be able to handle if you are not working towards enhancing your spiritual powers. Then comes connecting with the cards. Today I have more than 250 written testimonials because whenever I pull out a card, I don’t even have to try to interpret them – they talk to me.

What was the most difficult aspect of the learning phase of tarot and what would be your advice to newbies in this arena?

Your initial readings possess the power to make you susceptible to energies. You can feel squeamish, have personal issues or you may just lose balance. Doing these readings is not an easy call. So do everything that aligns your energies with the cards in a positive way like meditation, conscious breathing, and connecting with every card through meditation.

Having been practicing tarot for almost 10 years now, how has the public outlook on the perception of tarot changed over the years?

Tarot reading has changed drastically. When I started people did not know what these cards are. Even today I have many clients who are unaware of these cards and their energies. But now, it is popular occult science, and a lot of people believe in it and follow it for their smallest issues.


Apart from tarot, you have also delved deep into numerology and Vastu. What caught your attention about these streams in the first place?

My hunger for learning and reading always pushed me into the spiritual world. Initially, when I came into this field of occult, I acknowledged that so many people were just fooling the common people in the name of Vastu and numerology. I always believed that any occult science is to simplify lives and so it has to be simple but people were making it so complicated. So, my quest to make it simple and my hunger for learning made me delve into Vastu first, and then came numerology. On the other hand, Tarot came to me naturally and I did not learn it.  

What are some of the common misconceptions that people tend to have about Vastu consultancy?

The most common misconception is that every house needs a perfect Vastu. Your home or office space will catch your energies and if both are aligned there will be no issues and you may never need Vastu consultation. If the Vastu has gone bad or misaligned then you will intuitively get thoughts about getting it checked. Unless you are too uneasy about the feel of your home/office space, take a chill pill.

As a motivational speaker, what is your mantra before you start speaking before an audience?

It would be to break age-old superstitious and regressive myths regarding occult science.  They should take something from me which will change their lives for the better and it should be permanent. Also connecting with each audience is most important to me so for all my events I always have a Q&A session at the end.

You have been ranked #3 in India under the category of Best Tarot Card readers of India by Astro Ved. What was your reaction when you first got the news?

I started tarot card reading because I knew I had a calling for it. Little did I know that it would help me set my career. So, I was delighted to hear this news. However, my biggest reward is the thank you messages or testimonials that I get almost every morning. I still cannot process or absorb what it means to be ranked #3 in India. I am a simple woman, toiling for my family and people who believe in me. Anything beyond this is just a blessing from the almighty and I gratefully accept it. 

Can you share some tips that our readers can find useful to improve the Vastu at their own houses?

East is growth, west is the giver, south is active, and north is movement. So, you should have things that signify growth in the east – rising sun image, portraits of young children or family members, etc. You can keep an image of anything you want in the west – family portraits for family harmony, Money plants, etc. South should always be illuminated and have abstract art as well as your achievements. North should have things that you want continuously flowing or moving in life like temples for spirituality, work desks, money drawers, etc.


Do you have any words of advice for those who are usually skeptical about tarot and Vastu?

If you have doubts about it, do not go for it as it may not be meant for you. Do not force yourself into it just because someone has asked you to or benefitted from it. If it is meant for you it will come to you at the right time when you are ready to receive answers. 

Rapid fire

  1. The most important part of your morning routine

Praying to the rising sun without fail and looking into the mirror and appreciating myself.

 2. Your favorite way to blow off steam?

Watching movies and playing games

 3. One work ethic you always abide by

I will not lie to please you. I will say what I see on the cards.

 4. Your favorite cuisine

Italian and Gujarati.

 5. Your daily mantra to remain optimistic

If it has come to me, I can handle it.