Eco friendly Galaxies at your Doorstep


Eco-Friendly Galaxies at your Doorstep

I wasn’t keen towards art, until I met a motivational speaker called Mr. Prashant, at my college. The speech he delivered that day, changed my life. I remember going back home and sending him a friend request on Facebook.

I had already posted some of my artworks on my social media by then, once Mr. Prashant saw them, his immediate reply was “You are so amazing, you should do this more often”. Coming from the man himself, it meant the world to me.

He has been the prime reason for the beginning of my journey. He was my first ever client, it was his purchase that boosted my confidence to put out my art for sale.

Growing up, I was always fascinated by nature and galaxies and wanted to include this in my art. And after 7 months of exploration I came up with my first ever wooden eco-friendly books with galaxy backgrounds.

Balancing my academics and art side by side took a toll on me, and it devastated me when my page didn’t receive the outcomes I expected. I didn’t get any order during the first 3 months.

I was on the verge of giving up, but dad being my constant pillar of strength, persuaded me to continue my passion and keep moving ahead. My friends and family were always there on my rainy days.

Eventually my hard work paid off and that lucky day arrived when I got my first order. Though things went back to square one after that, it was my first customer’s positive review that pushed me through and kept me motivated. I didn’t think of giving up this time, rather tried experimenting and came up with new products because of the urge in me, that wanted to hear more of these “reviews”.

Today, I am a proud seller of over 800 eco-friendly books. The journey until here was not at all easy, it took me a year and a half to get consistent customers to the page. It was a rough one year as the concept of “wooden books” was quite alien until then. Little did I know ” ki art ke chakkar mai, advertising and promotion bhi seekh lungi”. There was a voice inside me, that insisted on getting up and giving my best, every single day.

From an under confident girl who wasn’t sure if her art was worth buying, to a millennial entrepreneur, I owe it all to my page¬†@paleo_artisan¬†which has become my identity today!