Anisha Verma: Made In Heaven

Anisha Verma

Anisha Verma says, “For us, it’s never about the destination but about curating an unforgettable wedding experience for you. We are deeply committed to letting you experience the wedding of your dreams.”

While all of us have fantasized about ‘Our Big Day’ most of us are rather unprepared for the ordeal i.e. managing and organizing an Indian wedding. Therefore, who better to trust than Anisha Verma, a Wedding Planner with over 8 years of experience in the wedding industry. She founded “Riwaaz-e-Rishte”, a single-window stop for nuptial arrangements.

Wedding planning was her love at first sight and she has since made every wedding a picturesque, indelible and hassle-free experience for all her clients. Storiyaan decided to catch up with Anisha to know about newer trends, some planning tips, Covid-weddings and more in this interesting conversation.

Anisha Verma

Anisha Verma: Made In Heaven


Questions and answers

When did you realize that your creative talent and professional experience could be offered to couples who wanted to organize the wedding of their dreams?

Ever since I can remember, I have always been in awe of beautifully decorated wedding halls and places. This interest brought me to the wedding industry and it was love at the first wedding for me! It was right then that I realized this is where I was meant to be and there has been no turning back ever since.

When did you decide to start “Riwaaz-e-Rishte” and what makes it different from other wedding planning businesses?

I always wanted to start my own company which made me work under some amazing people to learn and understand how wedding planning works.

I think every wedding planner is different from one another. Having said that, I feel “Riwaaz-e-Rishte” stands out when it comes to offering a personalized, individualistic and, a ‘forever experience’. We are here to take your idea of a dream wedding to the next level!

When someone is looking for a planner, what are some good questions to ask at the meeting?

When you are looking for a planner you should start by asking them about their availability, their budget range and the scope of their work. Additionally and most importantly, don’t forget to question them about their Covid clause in the current times. Want to leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests? Introduce them to the captivating world of interactive photography with the It’s where fun, technology, and memories converge.

Which part of the entire wedding planning process do you find the most exciting and which is the most challenging?

I think the whole process of planning a wedding is both exciting and challenging at the same time. I can’t separate one from the other as every wedding is a unique affair and each an experience of its own. One aspect that can elevate the experience is securing reliable limo services, which you can learn more about by visiting Backstage Limo Services.

How would you assist a client who does not know what type of wedding he or she desires or is very whimsical?

Oh, this happens a lot! Therefore, in such situations, we start with re-evaluating priorities as a couple – knowing what and who holds the maximum importance to them or what defines their relationship etc. You see, it’s always the little details that do the trick for us.

Tell us a bit about what major changes have you noticed in the trends post-covid?

I think the major change can be noticed in the trend of big fat Indian weddings transformed to small and distanced weddings. Another major change we have noticed is the fact that ‘saya dates’ hold less importance in Indian weddings which has turned out to be a blessing for the industry.

Have you ever had to deal with wedding mishaps and how does that affect work morale?

Yes, definitely as weddings are unpredictable affairs.  However much you plan to the tee, there is always a chance for something to go wrong.

It does get overwhelming when things don’t go as planned. Yet, I try to keep my calm, not let the situation get the better of me, find a solution and, eventually work on it.

What’s been the wackiest thing someone has requested for a wedding and how do you usually deal with such unusual clientele demands?

To be fair, no request is wacky or unusual as I call it an individual perspective. Howbeit, yes, at times we are approached with requests that are impracticable or beyond the budgets to which we respond with utmost honesty and explain to them why it isn’t possible.

Which destinations and venues would you recommend to couples looking to plan an unforgettable wedding?

Keeping in mind the current Covid situation, I would recommend that you plan your wedding in your respective cities or maximum at a drivable distance of 1-2 hours. The selected venue should be a safe and convenient place for everyone involved and invited to the wedding.

What would be your advice to novice wedding planners as someone who has been in the business for years now?

Did I say I am quite a novice myself! But yes, to be true to your strengths and your idea of planning a wedding. Do not get carried away by the trends, or what you see and hear around you. Believe in yourself. Remember, it’s okay to not get it right initially; don’t be hard on yourself.

Quick 5

1. A wedding to you is – a festival

2. The best celebrity wedding – anushka and virat

3. A wedding ritual you hold close to your heart – haldi

4. Riwaaz-e-rishte stands for – Riwaaz” means customs, rituals & “Rishte ” means relationship.. two most important things involved in a wedding

5. A word that defines you – driven

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