Anjali Kumarie- The Wheel of the Fortune teller

Anjali Kumarie

  When Anjali picked up a deck of tarot cards from a street-side bookstall, she had no idea that she would be reading people’s lives! Anjali Kumarie, is a tarot reader who won hearts with her excellent tarot reading and intuitional works. From reading for her friends and family to reading for the whole of Dubai, she has come a long way.

 Anjali worked as a secondary school teacher in Dubai before she lost her job in 2020 because of the pandemic. However, alongside her job she carried on reading tarots. She soon had an opportunity from a radio station in Dubai to do a show for them. After that, her career rose to its peak as people from all over the world started reaching out to her with their issues. However, after returning to India she began concentrating on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube resulting in 24,000 followers. Nothing could deter her. Anjali in her conversation with Storiyaan talked more about the mysterious world of tarots. Continue reading to know more.

Anjali Kumarie

Anjali Kumarie- The Wheel of the Fortune teller


Questions and answers

1. What sparked your interest in being a tarot card reader and when did you start developing this niche?

In my freshman year, I came across a tarot deck in a bookstore in the market. I bought them on a whim and I’m grateful I did because that’s how my journey started. I read everything I could get my hands on and started interpreting the cards in no time. At first, I read for my friends and family, but soon word got around and more visitors came.


2. What problems did you face when you initially started this journey and how did you manage to overcome them?

The challenges I faced initially included understanding the meanings of the cards and how to relate them to intuition and making the card’s interpretation of the future credible. Another problem was that I was a biotechnology student at the time I started and rarely had time to study. I overcame this problem by following a routine and reading almost everyone who asked for help, which gave me enough experience in a short period.

3. Artists have been interested in Tarot Cards for a while, may it be writers like Henry Miller or painters, or even musicians. According to you, what led them/us to feel this closeness to this art?

Tarot cards are a unique blend of pictures, symbols, colors, and numbers. They are so interesting and mysterious that once you understand the psychology and quantum of cards, you can’t leave them. An artist does things from the bottom of his heart and is fascinated by the fact that he can understand the weight of the energy of a card, be it a song for musicians or a  canvas for painters.

4. Even with the altruistic nature of your work, you must have had your fair share of dealing with skeptics. What is your most effective strategy for handling skeptics and non-believers?

I’ve met a lot of skeptics who have their fair reasons for not believing in tarots. I believe that the universe will only help those who believe that there is a power that can help. If someone isn’t destined to get help from the tarot, they won’t even believe it existed.

5. Can you tell us about your experience while reading cards for listeners at the radio station?

The radio offer helped me come across different nationalities and a wide range of questions. Besides, the learning experience that I got is tremendous. It couldn’t be any more exciting to think that my voice was being heard in all of the UAE.




6. How has your journey in the niche of tarot card reading been? What are your takeaways from the same?

The journey has been a roller coaster till now, having to go back to India from the UAE in 2020 after my biggest supporter, my father, passed away. I felt like it was the low point of fortune, but when my reel went viral, I again had a reason to look forward as people from all over the world started asking me their questions. I’m always happy to help. 

My takeaway from this journey is that I was destined to do this and I had to justify my father’s support.

7. How can an individual understand the need to see a tarot card reader?

It’s purely for guidance, so if you are disillusioned and unable to make decisions then you need tarot card reading.




8. Often people get misled while falling into the wrong hands of tarot card readers. How can one check the authenticity and avoid such mishaps?

A reader is authentic if they understand your problem and try their best to guide you by using their intuition without scaring you. A good reader should address your weakness as well as your strengths and guide you to use your skills in the best way.

9. Elucidate us through the ways one can reach you for tarot card reading and seek your advice?

My Email id is ,

People can reach me through my Instagram and Facebook pages by the name TAROT BY ANJALLI.

10. What message would you like to leave for our readers, having various experiences of life?

I’d like to send a message to others about this: One should always follow one’s passion patiently; it may take time, but if one remains honest in their efforts, success is unavoidable in the end.

Quick 5

  1. One mantra in life you follow- Have a purpose in life and keep going.
  1. Your favorite author and their Book- The autobiography of a yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda
  2. Your proudest milestone– I consider every client who is happy after reading a milestone for me.
  3. Your happy space- Home
  4. One characteristic that defines you– simple

If you wish to take up a tarot reading session with Anjalli Kumarie, you can connect to her on the Instagram profile linked to the feature below.