Anjali Rughani: Getting In Touch With the Spiritual Self

Anjali Rughani

 “Spirituality is something beyond the perception of our eyes and also something within us”, says Anjali. Anjali Rughani is a professional tarot reader and has been practicing tarot reading for the last four years. What started as a mere curiosity to know about her life, changed Anjali’s life forever. Shifting from one discipline to another, she found her calling in the world of spirituality and divination.

In conversation with Storiyaan, Anjali gives us an insight into the tarot reading practices, breaks various myths surrounding divination, and talks about her experience as a tarot expert. Have a look at this interview to know more about tarot and divination.

Anjali Rughani


Questions and answers

What inspired you to start your spiritual journey towards divination and tarot reading?

I was always fascinated by tarot and all the modalities. It was called divination, energy work. One of my friends approached a tarot reader so I tagged along and I was so fascinated with it. I wanted to know more about it so I approached her and started learning. I wanted to explore this side of the universe and I   have been hooked since then.

People nowadays, hesitate to believe in the concept of spirituality and divination. What would you say to them?

Now, on the contrary, COVID has brought consciousness to the minds of many people. People have started to understand the difference between religion and spirituality. It was always a very force-fed idea but now they have realised that there’s so much more to it. They’re much more invested and are open to learning more about it. I always tell them to get in touch with the people who are into this and to keep an open mind to learn more about it.

You must have come across clients who deal with problems similar to the ones you have faced in your personal life. How do you help such clients and does it affect you in any way?

Of course, I come across such people. We all go through the same thing at the end of the day, it’s just that we’re too conditioned about it, to not talk about it or to normalise it. It’s good to always have an open space to vent out. It just gives them more clarity. It always affects me in a good way, to think that I could be there for someone who needed it.

What is the best feedback you have received from a client so far?

I have dealt with more than a hundred clients till now and all of them are way too sweet, they pamper me with their constant appreciation. But if I had to choose one, it was from my student Radhika, who told me once how she was lost before taking a session with me and then enrolling for my tarot coaching, she said –

the doctor who delivered me was also anjali, and after 30 years it’s you. You gave me a rebirth and a purpose in life.” That feedback was really special to me.


There are days when you must be feeling uninspired and demotivated. How do you deal with such days and what do you do to get yourself out of that mindset?

There are a lot of such days and honestly, there’s not much you can do about it but to just admit it. Maybe sleep, eat, listen to music, just get that calmness. If that sulking feeling doesn’t go, I’m honestly so grateful to have a great circle of great friends, they’re always there to listen to me, or just chill around and be ourselves.

Had it not been for tarot reading, what kind of profession would have been chosen by you?

I’m literally a visual of careers that I haven’t chosen till now. I did law, C.A., fashion designing, and many others, after which I resorted to spirituality. If not for this, I would probably do fashion designing because I loved to create designs.

When did you start your journey as a tarot reader and what were some of the problems faced by you?

I started learning this, three to four years back. I wanted to know more about it and then I started liking it so I decided to pursue it. I was taking a few clients just for the sake of practicing. So, I decided to put this on social media and slowly and gradually it gained momentum and I was able to reach so many people. The only issue that I have faced is the heavy side that comes with being an energy worker, you become so aware about the energies, that smallest of the things or changes can take a toll on you, of course with time I know how to deal with all this, but initially the headaches and sleepless nights would irritate me like anything.

Can you tell us a little about Chakra healing and how it works?

There are seven major chakras at the centre of our body, which ultimately help in our functioning. Chakra means a wheel, when it’s rotating in the right direction, our body works perfectly. The parts that these chakras govern, we try to remove the unwanted energy which might be a reason for the chakra to not move at all. Our step is to balance and align these chakras and activate them. It effectively starts getting the health back on track and then works in full force. It’s general healing.

What advice would you give to people who want to become tarot readers? From where should they start their journey?

First, you need to know why this thing interests you. What about this really calls out to you or impresses you? There are hundreds of readers out there, ask them what this is about, how can it help you daily. Be with a reader with whom you feel comfortable. Once you know or get a bigger purpose to this, then either you can go through a self-learning phase, or you can go to a professional reader who teaches this. My opinion is to get a professional approach to this learning. Basics are very important and because it deals with people’s problems, you can’t provide them with wrong advice.

What exactly is ‘Divine Whispers’? Can you tell us a little about it?

Its a deck that I created, called channel messages, of your counterparts or your soul mates. I had seen a lot of readers creating such deck which derives 5d communication from your partners or your counterparts. But that somewhere didn’t sit with me completely. I wanted to make something that’s more practical and real. I wanted to create 3D messages that your partner already knows and they come to you via your angels. They just might not be able to communicate them with you. So, one day I started channelling these messages and that is how Divine Masters was born.

If you were to describe spirituality in short to a layman, how would you explain it?

I’d say that spirituality is ultimately about finding a bigger purpose in life. We’re not here to follow conditioning and ideologies from our previous generations. There’s more to life than the mundane business of our lives. It’s something where you can find purpose and peace, and also, it’s challenging. Learning to get peace out of those beliefs, and also understanding the fact that it’s different from everyone. It’s something beyond the perception of our eyes and also something within us.

Quick 5

1. Your favourite past-time: Reading, trying to learn something.

2. If you are not working or attending to a client, you are?: Hanging out with my friends, watching Netflix

3. One myth about divination you would like to break: It’s not always about predicting your future.

4. Who is your role model?: I don’t have a role model I just take inspiration from everyone on a daily basis.

5. What is your pet peeve?: People who think they’re entitled to make or break someone’s belief. I hate those people.