Ankit Shaw- Passion or profession

Ankit Shaw
Ankit Shaw

Ankit Shaw-Passion or Profession

I had this raging flare for dramatics, I could feel down my spine, as far back my memory fades. The camera lens unleashed the beating chaos of charisma pumping in me.

As a graduate in media, my beginning was marked with internships with news channels and media houses, which later transpired into studio Anchoring and content development. I absorbed this profession and indulged myself in polishing myself every chance I could steal. My big break was hosting a sporting event; a memory clawed deep within me.

I am the 3rd Most Influential Ballet Dancer in east India. A Speaker for TedX, a moment I’ve savored every last drop off, being the first influencer from Kolkata. But life wasn’t always spent in the grace of sunshine. Some days have still left their dark mark on my memories. I was bullied back in school, labeled weak, and every vile thing they could conjure to abuse my very existence. But that was nothing compared to our financial condition, which denied us an ideal life, days where we had dinner only when fate was kind.

But the rule of life, be fit or cease to exist. But the strongest steel has to go through the hottest flames, and I went through mine. I was used to fate not holding my hand, so it was no surprise when I had to fend for myself when I had to penetrate the live event industry. I kept calling any manager at random and hoped it was the one. Passion, for me, is the inner fire, which makes me fierce and fearless. I dare say dance is mine. Wherever they had a stage and competition, they would have me. I’ve exerted the last ounce of charisma, whether it’s dance or anchoring, or modeling. Life is too short to think, so I act first.

There are always two things in life Passion and Profession. Passion has its spark that can set you to hustle, whereas your profession always stays something you are good at. Some people keep their passion and professions side by side. It is upon you who you want to take over. Cheers!