Anmol-Fitness Goals


Fitness Goals with Anmol

I am an entrepreneur and an internationally certified fitness consultant. I hail from Patna, Bihar and I wish to redefine the fitness industry by not only transforming it but by educating and spreading awareness too. 

 My fitness journey dates back to my teenage days when I wanted to venture into the bro-science community of fitness. I was young and trying to learn new things on my own. I used to search on Google about what regime should I adopt. There were fitness enthusiasts who used to put up their stories and workout charts, and I used to read them. My maternal uncle has a huge role to play in whoever I am today. He also suggested me to pursue something in the field of fitness.

I was engrossed  in studying and learned a lot, and even though the fitness industry is at a nascent stage and there is scarcity of information. There are so many trainers who don’t have basic certification or don’t know what else to do except maintaining their body shape. Many gyms sell their products, and people think you can pick any gym or trainer, and it doesn’t matter if he has some qualifications or not if he fits your budget. I think the change should take place. Trainers need to evolve people on the mind level and not just physically.

When you create a chart, I believe it should be detailed enough for your client to gain enough knowledge and expertise within six months of training. I want them to be independent and even maintain their fitness without my help. I want to build a community where my clients can stay fit themselves even after they leave out coaching, and I want to bring that positivity.
I have started my training platform called which is a science-based coaching aimed at not only transforming but educating people. I have coached more than 1500 clients in the past and have been invited as a guest lecture at seminars in the corporate hubs. With having a bachelor’s in PHE and sports sciences and multiple international certifications, I have also started my own entrepreneurial journey. 

I am also building and designing coaching programs for students under the age of 21 and offering them a huge discount to train them, so they don’t have an issue. The best part about it is that their parents updating me about their children that they don’t eat chocolate or pizzas anymore, and that is where I get my motivation to keep going and offer more to these young champs.