ANSA Interiors- Building your dream design

ANSA Interior- Building your dream design

Have you ever pictured your dream luxury house? Well, guess what, that can come true! ANSA Interiors offers you the interior design of your dreams while adhering to the highest standards and latest trends.

ANSA Interiors is an architectural and design consultancy firm founded by Sapna Aggarwal and Ankush Aggarwal. They are both passionate about design and their work is exemplary. Mr. Ankush is a Commerce and Postgraduate Graduate in Interior Design from the International Academy of Design and Ms. Sapna is a Home Science Graduate (with Honors) from Lady Irwin College. She obtained a professional qualification in Interior Design and Decoration from IAD and a diploma in Autocad from CAD Center. The company specializes in designing interiors for both homes and businesses. Each of their designs is unique and embodies the company’s values. Ansa Interiors is one of the oldest and most experienced interior designers in Delhi, and they are known for their high-quality work. So, sipping tea on a classic couch in a luxury room is no longer a scene from a high-budget movie. It can well be you!

With Storiyaan, ANSA interiors share more about their unique work and the keys to perfection. Read on to know.

ANSA Interior- Building your dream design

ANSA Interiors- Building your dream design


Questions and answers

Tell us a bit about your strategy of curating new designs while remaining up to date with the latest trends.

As ANSA, we prioritize consistent education through participation in several design forums along with continuous upgradation of our design knowledge, highly investing in employee education, and training sessions throughout the year to keep up with the latest trends. This, combined with the experience, and opportunities make up our strategy to stay ahead.

Can you tell us what lies ahead in the future of design, provided it is an ever-evolving industry?

The future of design will be all about sustainability and internet-connected products More and more homes in India will adopt this escalating trend, which already includes automatic lights and refrigerators that can be controlled by an app on your phone. At the same time, the construction sector is becoming aware of its obligation to adopt more sustainable building techniques and materials. Both initiatives will, in our opinion, be positive steps.

What remains your favourite piece from your portfolio till date and why?

It’s hard to pick. With each project, we create more than residences or spaces, we welcome a client into our family and I think it’s unfair to pick a favourite within your family.

What are some of the major points of distinction that you bear in your mind regarding Residential interior design and Commercial interior designing?

While the residential design is catered more towards mimicking the personal style & habits of the client, the commercial design prioritizes the science of doing business. For example, the function of the restaurant design is to enhance the way traffic moves in, likewise, a showroom design is more about attracting footfall and boosting sales whereas, with residences, it’s all about the client and their personal preferences & needs.

Do you have a particular niche when it comes to interior designing and how do you mould it to the individual preferences of the clients?

We’re into luxury interior design. Our job is to understand the individual preferences of the clients & deliver on those through a unique approach. Most home cinemas would really seek help from professionals to satisfy their needs when it comes to the luxury design and to avoid much expenses.

What are your views regarding the importance of façade design?

I believe in the saying that the first impression is the last impression and thus, I think façade design is extremely important. When faced with persistent drainage issues in your home, such as slow drains or sewage backups, you should call a Gold Coast Blocked Drain Plumbing expert to diagnose the problem and provide effective solutions to prevent further inconvenience.

How do you blend a hint of tradition into your projects while also managing to display the contemporary?

Through practice and preference, we bring to the clients a unique blend of designs turning their dream space into reality. So, if our clients want something, we make it happen. That’s business.

Describe your firm’s design philosophy, a notion displayed in every project done by you.

Each of our projects is a careful and effortless blend of luxury, function, and personalization. We also take pride in our ardent desire to achieve perfection, even if it means tearing a whole thing down & starting from scratch. So, our design philosophy is all about interior design being a tool to achieve luxury, function, and personalization with utmost perfection.

Luxury does not mean fancy construction materials or flamboyant installations, but spaciousness, diverse usability, and the availability of options. What are your views on this?

I think we’ve always misunderstood luxury. There are hardly any fancy construction materials. Luxury is about choosing the best and incorporating all the installations that make your life easier. Luxury home design is about using the best quality materials to realize design ideas in a way to bring extreme ease & comfort to somebody’s way of living. In a field where precision is paramount, you’ll want to ensure every material used is of the highest calibre. The advantages of using are numerous, from providing the freshest mix to allowing on-the-fly adjustments, ensuring each project meets its unique requirements.

In your opinion, what are some of the loopholes that the designers get trapped in while designing luxury projects?

When you’re in the service business, you want to make the client happy but at times, the client can be wrong or be misinformed about certain aspects. Interior designers have the responsibility to educate the client & help them choose the right thing. For example, if a client wants to install resin flooring, then it’s our duty to find flooring installers near me that can get the job done. It’s one of the trickiest things to traverse through.

What are some of the current projects that you are working on? Can you provide us with a sneak peek into them?

We’ve over 150 active projects right now. Things have really picked up after Covid-19. We have a lot of site visits & sneak peeks available on the ANSA Interiors YouTube channel. Do check them out.

Rapid fire

  1. Favorite “Archi-read”/Book. Period Furniture by Franklin H Gottshall
  2. A built marvel from around the nation, which you personally admire. Victoria Memorial Kolkatta
  3. Your most challenging design project. Every time I design any religious place be it a temple or Gurudwara, it is the most engrossing
  4. A dream project, you wish you had designed. Victoria Memorial Kolkatta
  5. One thing in the industry you want to do away with. Disorganized Construction Sector

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