Anugraha -Passion is a boomerang


Passion is a boomerang - Anugraha

Ever since I was a child, I was always into arts and crafts. It gave me a way to express myself and encouraged me with freedom. And hence, my journey with making soaps began.

Organic products have always intrigued me, even as a young girl. Once while researching and learning about natural products, I came across the concept of soap-making, and it inspired me to learn how to make them myself. Eventually, I enrolled myself in several certified courses to understand the idea of it too.

I branched out into teaching soap-making to others as well, from teachers to IT professionals and the best of all, homemakers. The youngest student I’ve had was a seven-year-old girl. I earned my confidence by training more massive groups— two hundred people at a time. To date, I have taught more than two thousand people the craft. For the first three years, this journey went on very nicely, as my learners came with such enthusiasm. But it was, unfortunately, short-lived.

I fell into severe depression and had to stop my classes due to personal reasons. I deleted my Instagram account, and hence, lost all my followers and contacts. My mother and her best-friend supported me thoroughly during this period. I did restart my classes, but it again had to stop as I was getting married. I even then gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She is still only a year old, and so I couldn’t leave her and go to teach. But this lockdown gave me another chance.

I opened my Instagram account— a new one and posted all of the old pictures of my work. With a positive response from my followers, I began retaking classes.

Since my child is very young, I couldn’t at first go on with my passion for making organic soaps and vegan home-cleaning products. But with the excellent support I have received from my followers, I finally went for it. My natural and vegan products are about to release in August or September. It is on a smaller scale, but it makes me feel thrilled and proud to bring my products to the market.

I am incredibly thankful to my parents for their immense support and encouragement. I have articles about my work printed in The Indian Express and a couple more blogs. Today I am also an interior designer, an aromatherapist, and an artisan soap-maker.

I have always believed that if art has any purpose, one of them is to ignite passion. And no matter how many difficulties one may face, passion finds its way back to them.