Ashish Srivastava-Love is in the air

Ashish Srivastava

Love is in the air

Ashish Srivastava says, “The moment I saw him, I knew he was the one for me.”

Our journey started back when we met at the 2012 pride. I always wanted to visit the only LGBTQ store in the country – D’Kloset, which is owned by him. I told my roommate to introduce me to him. That very evening I received a message a social networking website, asking me if we could catch up as he was invited to Bangalore Pride 2012 to participate in a fundraiser for the community

We went on our first date at a night club in Bangalore. He arrived very late, and I was annoyed, but he instantly removed all the anger inside of me by saying, “ Ashish, let’s step out and walk in again, this time together.”He swept me away from the bustling crowd of the club, and that is how our love story began.

Once my cousins had come to visit Mumbai, and I wanted to welcome them with presents, but it had almost slipped out of my mind. Inder was kind enough to remind me to get presents for them, and I feel it was very thoughtful of him.

 Due to the LGBT events that he hosts every week, he is busy most of the time. and when I get annoyed, he cooks finger-licking meals for me to make up for it. He is a master at cooking meals. Every bite of his creation is a divine one.

Although the law does not permit homosexual marriage, we have committed our lives to each other. Our parents have been extremely supportive regarding our relationship. Adopting a baby is a thought which resonates between us now. We both locked our eyes eight years ago, and we want to spend the rest of our lives together.

Both of us come from fairly different backgrounds, but what bonds us is the love we have for each other, and I guess everyone’s life is an account of the stories of their individual struggles. Irrespective of our age, no matter where we come from, we should always remember that we are beautiful in our own ways. Let me tell you that Individuality is beautiful. Do not rush after love. Let love find you; you just find the best version of yourself.