Ashmit Modi-Trials And Tribulations

Ashmit Modi

Ashmit Modi-Trials And Tribulations

I am Ashmit Modi a teen and here is my story of creating my Instagram page- @mouthofnews that adorns 40.8 k Followers presently.

The mouth of news happened to me when I came across my friend’s Instagram. I remember my friend saying to me that I do not have the caliber to do it. Since then, I wanted to have a page of my own, and that is where the motivation sprung from. I decided to go ahead with it and created Mouth of News. Ours is a cool space where we post stories about the entertainment industry. 

Just as everyone goes through dark hours, I, too, had my share of it. I reached a saturation point where the engagement of my page was almost nonexistent. But, I decided that I couldn’t lose hope, and giving up was never an option. I took the help of YouTube and educated myself about the algorithms of Instagram to grow a page. Being a grade 11th school student I had my annual exams and so could not be consistent on my page, and my page lost its audience once again. My family always gave me all the support I needed to bounce back.

By telling you all my story, I want to reach out to every person who owns a business page or plans to hold one on Instagram and grow. The very first thing to remember is to do something unique and not follow any wave of trends. We often underestimate the importance of hashtags, which should actually form the basis of our research. Next is to give the audience something to take back. It could be a piece of news, a meme, or something that can give them the déjà vu. One of the most important aspects is to interact with your audience and ask them what they would like to see more of.

The motto of my page is to get the uncensored news and gossip from the entertainment industry and let people form an opinion of their own based on facts and not mere rumors.

Every admin on Instagram wants his page to become the next viral thing, and I am no different. I will keep providing value to my audience with my content, even though it is a long way to go, I am all set to overcome everything that comes my way.