Ashutosh Gujarathi and the Gujarathi Empire

Ashutosh Gujarathi and the Gujarathi Empire

Business is like preparing a delicious dish with ultimate delicacy. For that, anyone would well choose a company that has integrity and commitment as its cornerstones. And as said, it’s easy to make a buck but a lot more difficult to make a difference. With making a difference as their motto, The Gujarathi Empire Group  has set out to establish a reputation in the current and forthcoming markets.

Ashutosh Gujarathi, the Founder and the Managing Director of the Gujarathi Empire Group of companies left his well-paid job as a Merchant Navy Officer  to attend to his heart’s call that was his start-up. As strong roots help produce beautiful leaves, his very birth into a business family and later his B.Tech in Marine Engg and his experience from the sailing job he did on DP2 and Tankers for three years have helped him understand every nook and cranny of his work. Although it sounds as smooth as butter, there had been many obstacles in his way to success, from a financial crisis to the lack of parental support.But with his unflinching courage and willpower, he made it through. Currently, his group is collaborating on shipping alongside many billion dollar companies and shipping giant . As he says, “It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Gujarathi Empire Group Shipping division which is mostly handled by Ashutosh Gujarathi having  vision and mission are to provide its clients with high-quality shipping solutions, efficient administration, and a chance to develop a sense of community while working together to achieve common goals. Their primary commercial endeavours include management and operation of ships, trade-in industrial commodities, and ship chartering. Besides, they have been actively working as a commodity broker in coal and scrap and Indian Rice. In addition to all of this, they have also created a subsidiary dedicated to commodity trading as a vertical integration to the ship chartering industry. The primary commodities they buy include Indian rice, Indonesian coal, and scrap HMS-1 and 2.

However, despite being so successful, Mr. Gujarathi’s hunger yet not finished and success is during last year they have moved 5 Lakhs tonnes of coal in import and 2 Lakh tonnes of rice in export by various ships from wordwide owners Now, his ambitions are higher and he is more confident. he says, Never give up on yourself,  as there’s no shortcut to success and you have to come out of your cozy comfort zone. 

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