Comebacks in my life-Atul Mohite

Comebacks in my life-Atul Mohite

I have studied in a Marathi school in Pune and later pursued engineering after my grade 12th.

Having a weak base in English and a keen interest elsewhere made it difficult for me to continue engineering. The thought of changing the career track popped up my mind consistently. It is when I started writing my first book, Lucid Dream. It went well initially, but very soon I got so overwhelmed that I got completely off track my mainstream career and had to quit engineering. I was nineteen old years with an absolute no career path, and a miserably failed writing career ahead.

I was clinically depressed for over a year, and as I slowly got out of it, I chose to pursue arts as my savior. Things started to look good as I passed my first year in distinction, but that’s when the big tragedy happened. I lost my father all so suddenly.

I locked down my dream of becoming a writer somewhere deep in my heart. A year and a half into the preparation for competitive exams and my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I was devastated. It grew so fast that I could only be with her for eight months. I went into depression, more intense this time. It was the time when I wrote the book named ‘Of Two Minds.’

It was then I decided that I needed to work harder and stop complaining about the cards that had been dealt to me. It was also when I realized the real power of spirituality and the kind of change it could bring into your life. I cracked the banking exam and became an officer in Bank of India. I was now financially independent and, at last, proved my worth.

I enjoyed working in the bank because I don’t think I would have fit anywhere else so well. It was also the time when I came up with an idea for Jean Angel Series. The book became a success very fast.

At times, when I see myself dropped out of an engineering college or maybe someone who has lost his parents or perhaps someone with a mental health condition. I wonder, is it real?

And I remind myself of all the comebacks I made. Every comeback instilled a newfound hope in me.