Calm in Chaos: Avani Vira

Avani Vira-Albino YS (3)

Calm in Chaos

My parents were taken back when the doctor identified me with a medical condition known as Albino. Goldilocks was the name people called me with to me because of my golden hair. And to make it worse, I was later on diagnosed with a learning disability which made me skip some subjects. The gap between the other children and me grew further and further until I could not see them anymore. My parents became my default friends since I was the kid who everyone picked on.

I realized that I couldn’t live on like this forever. I needed an aim, a target in my life. I worked day and night to get into a college and live a normal life.

I was seen as a girl with very little IQ and was poorly treated. I suffered in lectures as most of it was taught in Marathi and I could never learn the language because of my difficulty. Also, I didn’t get any accommodation which resulted in me going back and forth from Mumbai to Pune on a daily basis as my college was in Pune.

I am currently pursuing masters in Industrial psychology and therefore I understand human minds and emotions minutely. I wanted to not let anyone go through what I had been in my life. This had become my goal and I worked towards it. It led me to work with an organization in Mumbai which helped special kids. I was delighted to take part in it as a shadow teacher. I am also gratified to say that within the eight months of my joining I was able to silence the crying voice of a child who suffered the same as me. From what I know he is now an independent person who is secure about himself.

I believe that the human spirit is one of ability, perseverance, and courage that no disability can steal away. When you hear the word disabled, people automatically think about victims who cannot walk, talk or learn. But I find the real disability is people who cannot find joy in life and are bitter.