5 min bit with Ayushi Chandani

Ayushi Chandani

Ayushi Chandani is a digital creator and a fashion designer. She completed her schooling at the Loreto Convent. Team Storiyaan recently managed to borrow a chunk of her life and tastes in an interview below.

Ayushi Chandani


Questions and answers

Ayushi, talk to us about:

Fashion with Sports- Yay or Nay?

Definitely a yes. Athleisure is the future of the fashion industry, be it in designing or for a stylist. 

Travel Style

Travel Style for me is to have all the essentials covered and to use the art of layering, as I guess everybody prefers to carry less.

Go-To Affordable Brands

Let’s start believing in sustainable brands more than affordable brands. Affordability comes at the cost of labour. Sustainable brands are emerging as a part of the fashion industry. We have to embrace them.

Style Tips

• First and foremost, be confident, no matter what you choose to wear. Carry yourself with ease and grace.

• Keep all the basics in your cupboard. It always starts there. 

• Understand the shape of your body and choose the silhouette of the outfit accordingly. 

• The fitness of the garment is very, very important.

Favorite piece of Clothing

Everything and anything white