Bijal Ritesh Maru: Blessing In Yoga

Bijal Ritesh Maru

Bijal Ritesh Maru, a certified yoga and wellness therapist, a tarot reader and a numerologist says, “Yoga for me is more than a fitness regime. Yoga has enabled me to come to terms with my inner self and provided me physical fitness, mental peace and super health.” She has mastered various types of yoga from Traditional to Power Yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa Flows, Face Yoga, Physio and Therapeutic Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Yog Nidras, several relaxation techniques and a lot more.

In her interview with StoriyaanBijal talks passionately about her fourteen-year-long journey of practising and teaching yoga. She believes that yoga helps you achieve inner peace and has changed the lives of many using her unique and beautiful ways of training her students over the years. Have a look at this cynical conversation to get to know more about the benefits of yoga and how it can change your life to make you a better version of yourself.

Bijal Ritesh Maru

Bijal Ritesh Maru: Blessing in Yoga


Questions and answers

You are a yoga enthusiast. What is it about Yoga that fascinates you the most?

As the name yoga itself suggests, it means the union of your body and mind along with your inner-self. As you start practising it, you find inner peace, strength, stability and energy. Along with your physical fitness, you achieve mental peace and there is a shift and balance in your emotions. You get calmer and notice a change in your personality and nature.

What are some ways in which people can practice guided meditation? What are the benefits of the same?

I feel meditation is the most convenient and lightly taken word nowadays. People practice it but don’t know its importance and how to do it. At first, you need some guidance and try to meditate and practice silence for two to three minutes every day if you are new to it. Slowly, this silence gets the mind in a mode of acceptance and the affirmations of your guided meditation seep into your subconscious. Gradually with regular practice, you’ll see an overall shift in your personality, mindset, and your approach towards work.

You are also a Tarot Reader and a Numerologist. Can you shed some light on how tarot and numerology work?

Both are very different things. Tarot is all about how your mind works as everything on your mind will be reflected through cards. Tarot gives you a complete solution to a problem, helps you go into the depth of everything. Numerology on the other hand is very logical and prompt. You get to know the exact personality of a person and his good and bad just by knowing his birth date. Thus, you can also give them remedies and solutions as per that. 

Can you tell us about your YouTube channel and what was the motto behind it?

I have been a yoga teacher for over 14 years now and YouTube was always there at the back of my mind but my constant classes hindered me to do it. The idea started coming into shape during the lockdown and I started making short videos on yoga that people could easily practice at home and improve their health, immunity and mental peace. Also, with this, we started Weekly Zodiac Readings as per Tarot, New Moon Readings, and General Messages for the Week and Month for all. The main forte of our channel is to give people motivation, and guidance through our Yoga and Tarot videos.

You have been practising yoga for a long time. What are some positive benefits of yoga that you observed in your mind and body?

Before becoming a yoga trainer, I was a Garment Merchandiser and then my life took a U-turn after I left my job and got into yoga. Over the years I feel healthier, fitter and stronger only because of yoga. My emotional state during and post-pregnancy was very balanced and I was quickly back to routine and work just because of this. I’ve also seen these changes in some of my old and dedicated students who have been practising under me for a long time. 

Do you find a correlation between spiritualism and yoga? If yes, in what ways?

There’s a lot of connection. You’re just not focussing only on your weight loss and physical body when you’re doing yoga. That’s irrespectively going to get better. But, the main benefit of yoga is that it mainly increases your life force (prana) as it works not only on the outer part of your body but also on your mind and subconscious as well. Your mind stabilises and becomes calmer. Thus, your spiritual side slowly starts evolving as you get in touch with yourself. The stillness and peace after every session or practice of yoga slowly gets you there and awakens the spiritual shift within you.

Can you tell us more about your foundation Blisss… Yogabybijal and how did you come up with it?

I’ve been practising Yoga, Tarot and Numerology for a long time and I always keep on updating myself because we never run out from learning. I wanted to reach out to more and more people and influence them through these mediums. So, to make them aware of the benefits that yoga, through Tarot and Numerology readings I love giving guidance and helping out people. Bliss is something we are striving for each day and work hard to be at peace. Hence, we chose the name Blisss…yogabybijal as Yoga, Tarot and Numerology is something very blissful for me and I want to share and spread this bliss with as many people as possible. 

What are some misconceptions that you have heard about yoga and dhyana?

 Some people think yoga is very monotonous, slow and boring. People feel they can’t lose weight and get the perfect body with yoga. Even when it comes to dhyana or meditation, people ask if it’s possible to be that calm. Yoga is a part of your life, it’s not just a routine. There are so many types of combinations and variations you find in yoga. It’s a complete package. Yoga and dhyana can help you achieve everything and anything that you want and rather I feel there is nothing so versatile because it caters to whatever you want to achieve from weight loss to good health, to mental peace and stability.

Can you tell us in detail about the workshops that you conduct and how can one enrol for the same?

I’ve been doing workshops way before lockdown, on several topics like chakras, face yoga, diet workshop, kids’ workshops, women’s health, weight loss programs, therapeutic yoga workshops etc. I conduct these workshops regularly online and now offline too. Also, I can customise workshops as per someone’s requirements. You can reach out to me on my Instagram/ Facebook Page Blisss… yogabybijal or my email

When was it that you realized your calling in life for fitness, health, and well-being? What are some things that you have learned in your journey along the way?

I quit my job and started practising yoga for myself. It gave me everything that I was looking for. This was perfect for me and I could feel the change within myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I surely knew this is what I wanted to pursue as I felt lucky that I could even influence others and guide them to the right path as well. I am very lucky; I love my job and I look forward to doing it every day and feel completely blessed.

What is a health tip that you would like to give to our readers?

Number one is don’t follow any Fad Strict Diets. They just work temporarily. The moment you stop and don’t follow the routine you will be back to where you were or sometimes even get worse. You have to work out and balance it with a proper diet. Drink plenty of water and sleep well. It’s very essential for a healthy and fit body. Above all, it’s your journey. You need to work on loving yourself and accepting your body. Being slim is not important. You first need to be healthy mentally as well as physically. 

Quick 5

a. Favourite Asana?: Bhoomi Naman Asana. It helps you Let go, ease off, surrender and feel grounded with Mother Earth

b. A person you look up to?: My parents. 

c. Favourite breathing exercise?: Rhythmic breathing, Anulom Vilom. It calms me down and stabilises my mind in seconds.

d. Yoga to you is?: Life; it’s my Oxygen

e. If you had to describe your numerology and Tarot in one word?:-

Numerology – Logical, practical and absolutely to the point

Tarot – Intuitive, psychic and in-depth