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Bincy Mathews is a mother, engineer, and artist. A passionate watercolor enthusiast, she lashes out indelible sketches, Mandalas, and Acrylic portraits. Before sunset, she takes care of her family— a toddler and a husband, but makes sure to rebound to her art with discipline.


Known for her widely popular Instagram handle, followed by more than 60.4k people, she is also the brand ambassador for Art Philosophy Co. Storiyaan had a word with Bincy about her passion, crafting process, motherhood, and inspiration.


Questions and answers

You started your art journey with pencil sketching, and now you indulge in various artforms. Which of these art forms do you enjoy the most?

I am currently enjoying watercolors the most. It gives me an immense sense of joy. However, my passion is Mandala art. It is something that I equally pursue and enjoy.


What makes you the happiest? What impact does your art have on your life?

To know that I have inspired another artist with my art is something that gives me a sense of pleasure. I receive much feedbacks and messages from artists who are inspired by my posts. Art has continuously provided me with a sense of calmness and peace. I started creating Mandalas as a stressbuster. Now painting has become an activity for my daughter and me.


Mandala art can personify many meanings to a viewer. What do they mean to you?

Mandala is a real stress buster. It helps you develop focus and patience. It is a free art form that challenges your creativity and concept. Since there is no particular reference to it, you can go with the flow and create something unique. It is compelling and makes you feel empowering.


Being a mom of a toddler can be tiresome. How do you manage your time while giving your baby enough time but still focusing on your artwork?

The simplest solution is late at night. Initially, it was difficult for me to find some time just to sit down and complete my artwork. It used to take me days to complete one painting and even longer for a mandala. But since my kid has grown up a bit, she sits with me and paints as well. She enjoys scribbling using my art supplies. Now I generally plan and draw my basic outline in the day and complete the painting at night.

You kick-started this year with mini paintings. Is it challenging to create art on a smaller canvas? Does it require a lot of patience?

Mini paintings may look simple on the face of it, but it’s complicated.  Since there is a tiny place to illustrate every element and a small room for error rectification, you have to plan it. But it’s an excellent way to develop your skills, learn and experiment with different color combinations, styles, and subjects.


You have been learning to paint water bodies. Do you think you have improved your skills, or are you still working on it?

I thought I had improved a lot from when I first started. But when I look at my peers and their artwork, I feel like I still have a long way to go. There is always room for improvement. I am working on it and would keep improving my skills.

You are an engineer by profession, do you think you'll continue with your art form, or are you eager to go back to work on the field?

I will continue my artistic journey, but I am also looking for a suitable opportunity to get back on the field. Many artists have full-time jobs and kids, and they are still enthusiastic about their art. I want to be the same. That being said, if I get a suitable opportunity to grow my art form and be creative, I’d take it.


You also like to do gardening. Where did that interest develop from?

I would say it’s genetic. My parents have a garden back in my hometown and are very keen on it. Compared to it, mine is a nursery. Gardening is a very satisfying activity. Just like art, you can see your efforts grow and reap into flowers.


You also love to cook and bake. Do you experiment and invent your recipes? Or is it more of a stressbuster?

Cooking is one of my passions, as well. I get inspired by various culinary artists on social media. My husband and I have a sweet tooth, so we focus on cakes and desserts mostly. It does act as a stress buster.

What is your favorite dish to cook?

I have no particular dish that I enjoy cooking. Although cooking for special occasions and parties gives me immense pleasure. I like cooking different meals for my family and friends. It is always so sweet and heartwarming to do so.


You also introduce your daughter to art and art supplies. Does art excite her? How does she react to your paintings?

My daughter is still a toddler, so she gets excited to scribble using my art supplies. However, I keep her away from my expensive art supplies. We all know the kind of art a toddler would create using them, don’t we? Haha. I only provide her with crayons and color pencils, and she loves it.

When it comes to your art, we cannot skip the amount of detailing you to put into your craft. Do you think detailing is an essential part of art? If so, why?

Yes, I spend time on detailing in my artworks. I believe it brings out the unique quality and makes your art look even more attractive. Precision and detailing are crucial for me when I work on my art. It is like an obsession for me.


Mandala is quite a unique art form that has been existing for over 2000 years. It takes a lot of patience, and many people may not be acquainted with its significance. What would you tell someone new to the concept of Mandala, and how can someone work on it?

Learning the basics is the most important thing when creating Mandalas. Using the instruments properly and creating your grid or design has to be learned. Make a list of patterns you like or you want to create. Learn how to create those patterns and work on it. Keep practicing, and you’ll get better. Patience and focus are key.


Do you think paintings as art have lost their touch with society, or do you think its influence has increased and has become a form to express for people?

The influence of paintings has increased in modern society. It has only become more relevant with social media and advanced technology. Art has always been a part of our daily lives. More people recognize the efforts of an artist and appreciate the significance of paintings. It has helped craft to become a form of expression and self-expression for a cause.



Do you ever try to spread a message with your art?

My only subtle message in all my artworks is that creating art is not a competition. It should not be created with a vision of gaining recognition. Yes, identifying your creativity and you as an artist matters, but that shouldn’t be the sole reason for creating art. It is not a race. We should inspire, be inspired, and help each other grow and develop our skills. The recognition you receive should motivate you to work harder. It is a collective effort.


What has been your favorite work until now, and how long did it take for it to be completed?

It’s difficult to choose one, but I’d say the “Theyyam” acrylic painting. I made it for a competition, and it has now become the cover of an acrylic book. I am proud of this painting.  I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to make this painting, be it the medium or style of the painting. I spent 30 hours completing it, along with all the details.


Quick 5

  1.  Pencils or colors?— Colors
  2.  Art in a word— Passion
  3.  Your idols— My Parents
  4.  One plant everyone should own— Aloe Vera
  5.  Cooking or gardening— Both