Can you grow on social media without reels?

Can you grow on social media without reels?

One of the top ways to reach a large number of people on Instagram is reels. Reels are shirt videos, which help you stay in trend, and are also helpful in reaching and building a large community. Reels nowadays, go viral. But just your reels going viral will help you reach a large number of people. But only if the people who come by are able to resonate with your content, they will follow you.

All about the Instagram algorithm

With the Instagram algorithm changing with every single day, The highest form of reach is a save, followed by a comment and alike. It isn’t easy to make your mark on Instagram so easily. With new talent and a powerhouse team working behind Instagram, digital marketing houses trying to understand where and what to do with your Instagram account. Reels was introduced in august 2020, as a short-form video feature. which was similar to TikTok. with the ban of TikTok, reels took off pretty well. and now, creators have been offering courses where you learn how to hit 10,000 views in your reel.

Instagram without reels has started to be unimaginable. The reels feature of Instagram is doing really well, for businesses as well as for the gram.

Can you grow on social media without reels?
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Advantages of reels

  • Helps you reach a wider audience, and people would notice your account on a regular basis
  • One of the easiest ways to grow on the gram, is through reels
  • One viral reel could be a breakthrough, for your business, If a reel goes viral and someone notices your page and they are able to relate, like, or share your content it could be a huge hit for you.
  • Small scale business and product or movie promotions are easier with reels.

More about the reel feature

  • So many singers like yohani have gone viral because of their Instagram reels.
  • Songs on youtube, singers in specific have been recognized because someone used their audio, and when it goes viral, everyone starts making a reel which comes at zero cost and free promotions
Can you grow on social media without reels?
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  • Reels are helpful in movie promotions, movie scenes or glimpses do well in acknowledging the movie, and people tend to watch the movie.
  • Reels go a long way in reaching people, rather than the posts from your explore.
  • Reels are easy to connect and are available at the swipe of the thumb
  • Once your reels are intriguing and catch the eye, your followers would eventually increase giving you the reach you desired.

Ways to get a good reach using reels

  • Posting reels consistently is key, as it would make your feed attractive as well
  • Using popular and trending sounds in your reels
  • Adding relevant captions which resonate with your reel
  • Adding hashtags, Instagram hashtags go a long way.
Can you grow on social media without reels?
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  • Create content with a target audience in mind
  • Transition reels are eye-catchers, and people tend to rewatch them over and over again
  • Peppy music or sizzling music is key 
  • Create a customized thumbnail with your name, in case you’re a creator, influencer, designer, or writer so people keep you in mind.
  • Reels where you ask people to tag someone, increases your reach.
  • Reels where the people who come across your profile engage with the content, are good for reach.

What not to-do in reels

  • Posting excessive reels in a single day
  • Shifting your focus on different things in a specific reel
  • Reels that don’t abide by the Instagram guidelines
  • Posting, without a target audience in mind isn’t helpful, as it gives you no clear route, as well as your content, confuses the people who come by.
Can you grow on social media without reels?
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Apps like canva offer you thumbnails, specially customized for Instagram reels.

With filters, slow-motion, and transitions. Instagram has in-built features which help you edit your videos, add voiceover, reduce your volume, and add background effects. which could be handy and helpful, if you’re looking forward to using the Instagram reel feature

If you’re still not comfortable with making reels,

Can you grow on social media without reels?
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Remember, The features Instagram has

  • The single post
  • Instagram lives
  • videos,
  • reels
  • Stories. 

Each feature has its own advantage, 

  • The single post helps you give a detailed description of the content you convey in your account.
  • Instagram lives help in conversing with your followers and can bring in some audience as well.
  • Videos, help followers get a clear image of the whole as a visual treat to the world you’ve been creating.
  • Reels are helpful for overall community growth, where your content reaches a larger audience.
  • Stories are engaging and help in reaching your followers on a regular basis.

Remember the following when you’re not comfortable with reels,

  • Interact and engage with your current followers
  • Post content, with consistency.
  • Build a community, by engaging with stories through polls, questions, and pictures of your day-to-day life.
  • Be patient, patience is very important while focusing on a goal
  • Maintain a content calendar, so you have your dates, schedules, and content planned beforehand.


Growth is a slow process, and patience is key. with or without reels. all you have to cling onto is your self-belief and hope that you can ace it somehow.

It is possible to grow on Instagram without reels, but with reels, it is easier to grow and reach a lot of people. which will help you build a community where like-minded people resonate and come up with similar ideas if you’ve decided to create a platform. Else, if you’re into business reels could go a long way in imbibing the audience, with ease. What your posts could do to your account in a year, reels could do in a week. 

For more tips and pointers, make sure you read, what Suhani Bachan S feels, an entrepreneur who knows the best when it comes to social media.