Celebration of Independence Day around India

Independence Day

Every year India celebrates its independence day on 15th August to commemorate India’s freedom from British rule in 1947. 

India’s Independence day is recognised as a gazetted national holiday all over the country. The celebration of independence day around India takes place in various forms. A lot of cultural events are organised all over the country. Competitions like Speech, Debate, Poster making, Slogan writing, etc are organised in schools and teaching institutions. All the major offices, banks, and post offices remain closed on this day.   

Consistently on 15 August every year, we commemorate Independence day celebrations at a very huge platform at the red fort, alongside marches, exhibitions, and a lot of additional thrilling occasions. Nonetheless, the previous year we were unable to have a vivid festival which we have been encountering from the past ongoing years. As the entire country was battling with COVID-19, large gatherings were restricted to sabotage the growth of the virus. So as to why all the states and government workplaces were requested to webcast their occasions. As the conditions are still a bit concerning due to the second wave of pandemic during the few past months. So the celebrations conducted would be no different, the citizens are yet again limited to enjoy the celebrations from the comfort of their home and cherish the spirit of Nationality. As per the government  protocols, the festivity at the Red Fort would be reduced to a limited number of spectators to initiate safety around the nation. Bringing us to think that if the prediction of  the third wave would lead to stricter guidelines ?

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Independence amidst pandemic 

This year India will celebrate its 75th Independence day. However since most of the states are in a lockdown due to the pandemic, the Independence Day celebrations are going to be a bit different as a result of the pandemic. We are dealing with unprecedented challenges here. Unlike the earlier years, there cannot be large gatherings. All the Independence Day celebrations will be carried out by the government guidelines which corresponds to social distancing . No big events are likely to be organised since most of the schools and colleges are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 The Union Home Ministry issued guidelines prior to the celebrations in India. The guidelines urged by the authorities  ensure social distancing in all states and union territories. Along with this, everyone is requested to wear masks in public, use proper sanitisation. The guidelines ask the authorities to avoid large public gatherings as much as possible. All the events related to Independence day  will be aired on national television so that the citizens can celebrate  India’s Independence day from their respective homes. 

Independence day’s legacy  

Independence day has always been a national festival that is celebrated by people of all classes, castes, and religions alike. It has always brought people together. 

Children are always excited to participate in Independence day celebrations and especially to receive sweets at the end of the day. All of us have beautiful memories of dancing to patriotic songs, participating in Independence day speech competitions, and making colourful posters. The cultural programs during Independence day are always a sight to behold. 

The best thing about Independence day is that it is one of the rare occasions when the whole country celebrates something together. It is something that brings us together as the citizens of this vibrant nation.  

Virtual Independence day ideas 

The moment the national tri-colour is hoisted at the Red Fort it brings about goosebumps inducing moment for many. It is a beautiful opportunity to delve into patriotism. With the travelling restrictions, it’s obviously difficult to go to Delhi to witness this momentous event. But, you don’t need to worry because you can see the whole live telecast on your TV or computer screens from the comfort of your home. 

Here we are providing you some ideas on how to celebrate a virtual independence day. 

  • The government has launched a website wherein the students can upload their videos singing the national anthem. A compilation of all the videos will be played on the 75th Independence day. This is a great opportunity to participate in the celebrations of the Independence day while socially distancing.  
  • To celebrate Independence day in a socially distanced way, you can organise a movie night to binge watch all of your favourite patriotic movies with your family and friends. 
  • You can celebrate virtual independence day by organising an online quiz competition. This will encourage the people to brush up their knowledge and will be a fun and interesting experience. If you’re a teacher, you can organise this online quiz competition among your students. Otherwise, you can play the quiz with your friends or family. 
  • You can read aloud patriotic stories or the biographies of freedom fighters to children. You can also organise a small singing or dancing competition. 

More ideas on how to celebrate virtual Independence day 

India Independence Day

Nowadays when the country is going through a tough time due to the pandemic, the need to celebrate Independence day together is even higher. What we need now is companionship and a sense of belongingness. We need to be together against this national menace. Since all sorts of social gatherings are not allowed, we need to foster the patriotic spirit at home. 

This Independence day, go through the history of your country one more time. Read more about India’s freedom fighters and their struggles. Educate others regarding the same. 

Independence day is not only about forwarding gifs and updating your Instagram stories, it’s about fostering a patriotic spirit.  A fight towards freedom together, just like we fought 75 years ago,can liberate our nation from  the deadly wars of the Covid-19 virus and can once again enjoy the spirit of our nation. Because united we stand, divided we fall. Jai Hind…!