Ushering the Pavement of Life

Chandni -2

Ushering the Pavement of Life

Desolation befell me when I could not clear the CA Final Exams for the 10th time. I was a brilliant child growing up therefore; failing after several attempts I was not in the right state of mind and did not know what to do further. I come from an academically inclined family, which only worsened the situation.

 I chose to meditate and consulted with a psychologist as a means to cope up with my state of mind. It boded well but was not enough and therefore I resorted to spiritual healing and tarot card reading once again. I had learned it 8 years back but began practicing it only recently.

I learned a few techniques with which I used to assist the people in my locality and I received a positive response from them. I decided that it was time to change my track. So I got into helping people via reiki healing and tarot card reading permanently. With further understanding and practicing of these techniques, I was able to earn the certificate of Access Bars. It is a certification to practice the course of Access Bars internationally. Being an empathetic listener made it a little easy for people to open up to me. Later I founded an organization called “Healings with Moonlight” in order to further extend my service of healings to the masses. My family, in-laws and my partner thoroughly supported me by letting me choose what I wanted to do.

Being at this epoch where technology flourishes, people hardly believe these things. I once encountered a person who asked me for my help but in reality, wanted to check the accuracy and my way of practicing the tarot cards. I was able to remove the veil of disbelief from the person as he was stunned by how accurate the readings were. My intentions of helping people are completely pure and just. The sole purpose of me doing this is to make people realise that there is always a happy side to life.

I seek to be a life coach for people who are in dire need. Helping people manifest happiness and gaining surety in life provides me with a sense of fulfilment. If you are reading my story, remember that as a person, as an individual, and as a single soul you always have a choice. You are free to choose but are not free from the consequences of choice.