Damini Grover: Counselling for betterment

damini grover
Damini Grover

Damini Grover: From guiding to counseling

I have always been creatively inclined. I began writing Hindi Poetry when I was in class 9th and slowly moved towards English Poetry & Prose as well. The more I wrote, the deeper I was able to connect with myself. Gradually, my understanding of others’ emotions increased as well. I believe that the more you read & write, the more you are able to expand your vision.

Being creatively inclined, I had the choice of starting something in media as well. However, I feel that I was destined to be in this & soon found my way into it. 

Apart from enjoying the subject, I realized there is a huge need for counseling because at that point it wasn’t developed. I struggled to establish myself initially, but overtime things got streamlined. People’s outlook towards Counseling, Therapy & Coaching has also changed quite a bit which is great.

My work also gives me the opportunity to use my talents to the best of my ability as well. I am immensely grateful to my parents for giving me their creative genes & for being a constant support. So, I think it’s my responsibility to use my creativity to its fullest.

I began with Hindi Poetry & got my first book ‘Rehguzar’ published in 2017. I also published a self-help book in 2021 called ‘The Intentional Being’ which was immensely loved by the readers. I write regularly for the Elephant Journal on mental & emotional health, personal growth & development. I have three Podcasts on Spotify and two are based on my books.

Self- exploration & pursuing one’s hobbies is extremely crucial to our quality of life & health. While we are involved in some battle or the other, we need some moments of respite as well. 

When we engage in art, music, books, dance or anything that brings us joy, it helps to create a sense of balance within.


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