Deepanshu Sharma: The Start-up Community

Deepanshu Sharma

Deepanshu Sharma, “The power of networking plays an important role in an entrepreneur’s life.” Deepanshu was stuck with this realization when one plan of his did not pan out as schemed.

Many newly turned entrepreneurs find it tough to launch with their agenda which is exactly where CREEK comes, aiming at providing not just a network but rather, a helpful network of hustlers to endow all the entrepreneurs and start-up professionals in their career and business journeys.  Restored with professionalism, CREEK has a knack for helping the ‘Start-up players’. Join Storiyaan and walk through this wonderful journey of Deepanshu Sharma who found his love in helping the start-up ecosystem. Click on the link below to know more!

Deepanshu Sharma

Deepanshu Sharma: The Start-up Community


Questions and answers

What got you interested in the startup ecosystem and providing easy access to networking them?

Startups in India are rising at a roaring pace, and the world is recognizing their potential. To keep this pace at its peak, there should be a proper networking channel for the Ecosystem. This is where CREEK steps in to provide a dynamic virtual network to all the existing and budding entrepreneurs without going through the process of applying to an Incubator or an accelerator program.

How does Creek overcome the inefficiencies of exising platforms like LinkedIn and Quora?

CREEK’s foundation is Startup community-led, which enables its members to navigate the start-up ecosystem together from founders seeking to build their network to first-time entrepreneurs looking for trusted and vetted startup service providers (CA, Lawyers, Startup Freelancers, etc.) to launch and scale their ideas while building meaningful connections in the process.

You mentioned, “Networking is the key to success”. Could you elaborate on that?

Every day, we engage in networking activities but we don’t quite realise it. Networking does not only facilitate information exchange but also encourages long-term relationships. As a result of these relationships, we can achieve our business or personal goals more rapidly. We at CREEK, encourage people to connect and network with like-minded people so that there is mutual growth for both parties. There is a reason why they say, “Your Network is your Net Worth.”

How can our readers know more about this platform and explore it further?

With a strong focus on social media, we are present on a variety of platforms. Our goal is to remain connected to our users, which is why my co-founders and I strive to be one message away. Our current service model does not provide call center support. Instead, we provide Founder-level support. The only thing we enjoy more than interacting with our users is helping them maximize the benefits of the network. As an inclusive community, our app is free to download from App Store and Play Store.

Once you decided to do something of your own, what are some of the major changes that you noticed in your outlook of the world?

If I had to answer that question honestly, I would say that it doesn’t matter whether I start my own business or if I work for a company. My outlook will always be the same, which is that a go-getter attitude goes a long way.

What is your daily mantra as an entrepreneur yourself who has created such a platform for other hustlers?

My mantra would be, “What separates ordinary from extraordinary is that extra little hustle.“.

QUOTE– What separates ordinary from extraordinary is that extra little hustle.