Devina Badhwar-The Intuitive Spiritualist

Devina Badhwar

Devina Badhwar believes in making dreams come true and in taking baby steps towards the betterment of her surroundings. She is the epitome of the law of attraction and the face behind one of the most affirmative angel card readings. She works as a career counselor and a relationship guide and has also written numerous articles in newspapers, including Deccan Herald and Read what Devina had to tell us about her journey and the positivity she aims to spread. 

Devina Badhwar


Questions and answers

How do you manifest something using the law of attraction?

The more you focus on something, the more it grows. We use the Law of attraction to bring what we desire just by visualizing it regularly and believing that it will find a way to be a part of our life.

Do you read things that challenge your convictions, your most deeply held beliefs? Has anything you've ever read ever directly led you to alter such beliefs? And what was it?

Yes, I do. One of the books that had a profound change in my beliefs on the theory of After Life was ‘Many Lives Many Masters’ by Brian Weiss. It confirmed my beliefs that we all have past lives, and our Karma follows us, and we have lessons to learn based on them.

Being a wellness coach, you might have patients who could be challenging to handle at times. What do you do in such situations?

Yes, there were challenging cases that had come my way. If I feel they need more help, I refer them to a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist. The responsibility of healing is on the client’s shoulders, as I think that I should take charge and not be dependent on me. The process of healing only occurs when the person is willing to change and take responsibility for it.

We must look after our health and wellness, physical as well as mental. What is it you'd advise the people to do for us?

Yes, I think mental wellness is essential, as it impacts many of our cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, as well as our physical health. For one’s mental wellness, it’s essential to regularly practice Meditation and Yoga, following a balanced diet, taking out some time for yourself, visiting a healer or therapist, and reading up on wellness. By following one or all of the practices mentioned above, you will be more at peace with yourself and live a more wholesome and happier life.

What is an indigo child? How do you discover that you are one? Apart from Indigo, what else can one be, and how does one find it out?

Indigo children were born in the ’70s, and 80’s and they were sent down as the protectors of the Earth. An Indigo child is a unique soul who is extra sensitive to energy and bestowed with ethical intuitions. They cannot condition themselves to rules, but they are connected to nature and work towards the betterment of humanity and the planet. They are also independent and strong-minded individuals. I discovered I was one when a clairvoyant read my Aura. He was a renowned Hypnotherapist called Dr. Sunny Satin (May his soul Rest in Peace), and I was 21 when I had done a Crystal Healing course with him. There are also Crystal and Rainbow Children born in the ’90s and 2000s, respectively. These are highly intuitive and sensitive beings who get affected by violence around the world. They work towards maintaining a peaceful and healed earth. You can read up the traits online to see if your kids are any of these. Only a great clairvoyant who can read auras can tell you if you are one or not.

Could you elaborate a bit on what Reiki, crystal healing, and hypnosis are, and how are they different from each other?

Reiki is energy healing, where one channelizes the ‘Lifeforce’ or ‘Ki,’ which is within all of us. It is used as a healing tool to alleviate aches, pains, or illnesses and also used for protection. Crystal healing is a science that uses the different properties of crystal stones to heal/manifest certain things, whether they are material needs or illnesses. They are also used to attract love, prosperity, good health, etc. Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique in which the Therapist accesses the recesses of your mind (the subconscious), which preserves all your memories and past trauma. It is a great tool to regulate anger or nip the relationship issues from the bud.

How would you differentiate between the terms - 'Religious' and 'Spiritual'?

Religion is holding certain beliefs and conducting rituals based on the knowledge that has been passed down by our ancestors. It involves praying to one or many Gods and performing specific duties and engaging in rituals to appease them. The term ‘Spiritual’ does not conform to one God or faith. Spirituality is a universal connection with the Divine energy which is within ourselves, without having to search for it externally. There is no barter system in Spirituality. When you are kind to other living beings and animals, you can call yourself spiritual. All religious people are not spiritual, and not all Spiritual people believe in God.

What are affirmation kits, and how do they help?

Affirmations are short statements framed in the present tense. These help in manifesting specific goals, healing the mind, relationships, and anything that is imbalanced in your life. Alongside ‘The Law of Attraction,’ they bring you closer to what you want in life.

Does everyone have a Guardian angel? How do you allow them to guide you and listen to the sound of the universe to heal humankind?

Yes, everyone is born with a Guardian Angel. But they cannot interfere with the Free-will of a person. Negative emotions like anger, jealousy, and sadness engulf your aura and don’t allow access to them. If you want to seek their help, you need to simply ask by summoning them and request them to help you with what you need. The thing you desire can bring in significant changes, and they will assist you. But if your soul has chosen another destiny, they cannot interfere with that.

What is the New Moon Ritual all about?

The New Moon is the time to manifest and attract what you want. It’s a great time to relax and pen down one’s unfulfilled wishes.

What does the Law of Attraction mean?

Law of Attraction is the ability to attract the prime focus of our life towards ourselves.

According to you, how can meditation benefit people in relaxing their mind and body?

Meditation is a powerful tool in relaxing the mind and bringing people to a state of mindfulness. Being mindful is being aware of your body, emotions, and actions. People who meditate have a calmer response to situations. They are unaffected by negativity and are physically healthy too.

How do you channel your energy into healing?

I channelise messages from the Angels and Masters when I do Angel Card Readings. They communicate through me and my Tarot cards, with whatever the client desires to know at that time.

A lot of people feel that astrology and the study of signs is nothing but pure superstition. What is your take on the same?

Astrology is a science that has been a part of many studies that have been conducted. It’s about studying the planetary movements and the effect they have on you. They have nothing to do with mantras and rituals. If someone suggests these, they are only doing it to swindle money from people. A real astrologer only works on pure science. But unfortunately, it is misused by many.

How can card readings change one’s life? How do they work?

Card readings guide you and direct you towards various aspects of your life like Career, Relationships, Marriage, or general advice. Sometimes we are confused and are unable to make the right decisions for ourselves. In such situations, the cards help and uplift you.

What is the advice that you would like to give people who are new to the concept of holistic approach and spiritualism?

I would tell you not to overthink it or push too hard. To start with, you can watch YouTube videos or read spiritual books that you find interesting. Ten minutes of silent or guided meditation thrice a week can do wonders. Practice kindness and forgiveness. Be aware of what you eat and your reactions towards other people.

According to you, what is ‘Mindful Meditation,’ and how can one practice it. Can you highlight the importance of it?

Mindful meditation is just being aware of the moment. Say, for instance, you are reading a book, or eating a meal. Concentrate on that activity instead of letting your thoughts wander elsewhere. Similarly, the importance is being mindful of your responses to other people. If you end up saying something hurtful to someone, let go of your ego and just apologize. A person who regularly meditates can let go of their ego. 

Quick 5

1. Favorite number – The number 

2. Hobbies – Reading, Cooking, and Dancing.

3. Best healing experience – I undertook a journey to my past life with the help of a Hypnotherapist. Things I experienced in this lifetime fell into place, and I understood what I was carrying from the past.

4. Favorite music – Latest Hip-Hop and the classic 80s numbers.

5. Reiki or crystal healing – Crystal Healing.