Devyani-Life lessons


Life lessons with Devyani

Devyani says, “I am what I am because of the college I went to, the first internship that I got, and the first job that I had bagged. 

On a usual day in college, a senior asked me to get on the stage and host an event, because the person who was to compere was absent. That was the first time I went on the stage, with a mic in hand, and conducted an hour-long event.

I don’t know what made her think that I could do it, but, truth be told, the post-event feeling was out of the world.

Cut to semester three, a professor asked me to apply for an internship at Hindustan Times. On asking why I should, she said her gut feeling is that I’d love working there. 

As luck would have it, I got that internship. I was there for two months, and that is when I knew this is where I want to be.

After college, I started job hunting. By that time, I had figured that there are two things that I can pull off; social media and writing. 

My job hunt ended after I bagged a position at India Today Group.

Honestly, this till date it has been the best thing to have happened. During my tenure there, I experimented with my ideas, which were supported by my boss Prerna Koul Mishra, and came across some coolest designing tricks from my work neighbor. 

Some days, even though my boss put in her faith in me, and I put in all my effort, certain ideas did not work as expected.

This is when I learnt a life lesson from her, that ideas and efforts are a constant process and should never be compromised or paused come what may. 

I’ll soon be completing four years in the media industry, and this life lesson has taught me to always work towards my goals irrespective of my circumstances.”