Meddling typography through entrepreneurial staking-Dimple Pandhi


Meddling typography through entrepreneurial staking-Dimple Pandhi

I recall being gravitated towards distinctive writing styles and scavenging them on any print media outlet my eyes could read. While traveling, I played this quest of hunting hotels, shops, and buildings that had inscribed their names most exquisitely. Back home, I use to scribble anywhere where my pens and pencils could trace.

To quench my undying thirst for mastering Calligraphy, I graduated in Specialization in Typography, including Calligraphy and Hand Lettering. With Calligraphy, you can architect your writing style, which appeals to you, there’s nothing to hold back your wildest artistic demeanor. Nameplates don’t address the people in the residential area anymore, they have transpired to reflect their status and taste.

So I triggered off my own company, Dsignz, where I could fabricate a fashion that resonated with my customer’s individuality and suited their passionate spectrum. To build your company from the ground up demands every last ounce of effort.

Dawning the mantle of an entrepreneur demands a mind that breaths business balances the scales of investment, and returns to 1:2. This being a business which hails on client satisfaction has to mold itself into a replica of the client’s desire to be fulfilled to its last dime. Also, have to work round the clock of the client’s calling. I’m engaged in a business where competitors can stoop to any degree as long as it ensures they are afloat. But I strive for longevity over survival for relevance’s sake. So I ensure my service will never take a dib from its elite quality.

My work ethics and committed attitude have granted me the privilege of offering my services to celebs like Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Rohit Roy, Pritam Da, and many more. They have appreciated my product as a piece of art. Doing what I did best won me an award for Midday Mumbai Icon 2019. It was my dexterity which shortlisted me as an entrepreneur; I will work harder for Dsignz to reach its highest altitude.