Divya Sai Lakshmi-What breaks you, makes you.

Divya Sai Lakshmi
Divya Sai Lakshmi

Divya Sai Lakshmi-What breaks you, makes you

I’m Divya Sai Lakshmi, a baker turned fitness instructor and dietitian. The transition from a baker to a fitness guru wasn’t overnight, rather a spiritual awakening journey of 1.5 years. It took place 4 years ago, when I visited Vizag, certainly a trip that changed my life.

¬†As I go down memory lane, baking was all I ever loved. Having working parents turned out to be a boon for me, as I got engrossed in cooking and the kitchen quite early on in life, and that’s when I discovered my love for cooking and baking.

Growing up I always loved cooking for my loved ones and always dreamt of making it my profession. Little did I know that one incident would become a backtrack to all my aspirations.

Being an avid traveler, I’ve always loved the mountains, and just during one such trek in Vizag, I cracked my feet. At first, it seemed like a minor cramp or a broken ligament at the most. That one year took a lot out of me, I was so paranoid of that injury at first that even waking seemed ludicrous.

Though my family was a constant during that phase and helped with everything, it was me who had to attain the chutzpah to take those first steps. They could feed me, help me get dressed but it was me who had to stand up and walk for myself.

“Life mai akele aaye ho aur akele hee jaaoge” has been my mantra ever since then, and it motivated me towards becoming everything that I am today.

After getting back on my feet, I decided to focus on my fitness and adapt to a healthy lifestyle. I started out as a Zumba trainer and eventually turned into a dietitian for women facing PCOD and PCOs issues.

I want to promote healthy eating as much as I can so that no one out there will go through what haunted me for years. Though I’ve not left my love for baking, I’d rather like to believe that I hit two birds with the same stone, by promoting “healthy can be tasty” on my food blog.

Now that I look back at that wound it only reminds me of how much that incident gave me. If it wasn’t for that accident, life wouldn’t be the same.