Divyanshi Tripathi: Influencing for the better

Divyanshi-Tripathi-Influencing-for-the better

Divyanshi Tripathi: Influencing for the better

I began my blogging journey in January 2016 and have been doing it for 6 years now.  Being from Lucknow, where people and brands were unfamiliar with the concept, I initially found it difficult to get a grip over my content creation journey.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in fashion design, and pursuing this subject was a huge step in itself, as I had to convince my parents of its potential and my enthusiasm for fashion.

When I reached college, I was introduced to the concept of influencing and blogging, along with two or three other influencers who were doing the same. With the support of my friends, I shot my first photo, posted it on WordPress, and wrote about my outfit and fashion, as Instagram was not the primary platform at the time.

I was 18 years old and had no idea what I was doing. I remember doing it out of passion and for the fun of wearing fine clothing, getting dressed up, looking good, and taking pictures. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that I would make money from it one day. This profession has been a roller coaster ride for me and a journey full of ups and downs. I began with a lot of obstacles, rejections, getting judged negatively, called out with toxic comments, backlash and lots of ‘living life on its edge and creating content’ like war zones.  However, I never let that get to me as my dreams are bigger than some people’s perception of me.

Today I have managed to built a community of thousands of people who love and appreciate my work and this is something that motivates and drives me to keep getting better at it!