5 Min Bit With Palki Sharma


When most of us were still figuring out life and have no idea what to do, Palki Sharma had already set her goal and she worked hard to achieve it. Dr. Palki Sharma is a Dermatologist who specializes in Cosmetic and Clinical Dermatology. She is also the Consultant Dermatologist and founder of PS Body Skin & Hair Clinic in Jammu.

In her interview with Storiyaan, Palki tells us about her journey of becoming a doctor and fulfilling her dreams. She further breaks the myths about various skin treatments and goes on to talk about body positivity and mental health.

5 Min Bit With Dr. Palki Sharma


Questions and answers

What gravitated you towards Dermatology and medical study in this field?

From a very young age, I wanted to become a doctor and I didn’t gravitate towards anything else. After becoming a medical student, I suffered from acne so it diverted my concentration a lot. At that time I consulted a dermatologist for my acne concern that not only improved my skin but made a huge impact on my confidence level. So that was the initiation of my journey and choice.

You are an orator, dancer, and painter. How do these skills come in handy in the career you have chosen?

In my busy work schedule, these are my stress busters. I believe you should always have a hobby alongside your profession. It not only eases Out the work stress but also helps to maintain a healthy and sound mind.

You have a lot of DIY recipes for skin and hair for your followers. Do you believe DIYs to be a perfect replacement for chemical product treatment?

All the recipes of DIYs can’t replace chemical treatments because they contain very low concentration active ingredients. I started posting about DIY because I wanted people to know about the right easily accessible ingredients that can be used rather than other things that might lead to allergies. I preach about the safe ingredients that you should use but these are never replacements for chemical treatment. They’re more like ‘add-ons’.

You aim at achieving a natural look through minimally invasive procedures for lip-fillers. What are the cons that people face when they go overboard with fillers?

In my opinion, it’s not just lip fillers but any injectable treatment. The main aim is to go for a natural look and to enhance your features. Our face is divided into three equal parts, they have to be in proportion with each other because if you inflate or modify one of them, it’ll make you look unnatural. People should consult their doctors and doctors should explain how to beautify your features and not go overboard with it.

While setting up your clinic what are the obstacles that came your way and how did you deal with them?

The whole construction part of the clinic during the pandemic was the first challenge. Resources, as well as labor, were scarce. The second and the most important part is channelizing your budget. The third part is to do a lot of research and have good knowledge about your field and market.

What is the most memorable experience you have had as a medical student and then as a doctor?

The most memorable experience as a medical student was during my post-graduation. I was in London for my PG with students from different parts of the world and got an opportunity to learn more about their diverse cultures, ethnicity, and their beliefs. As a doctor, I’m still learning and growing, I haven’t had any memorable instances being a doctor as of now but I’m looking forward to my journey.

Can you talk to us about your monthly program ‘Renew Yourself’?

We came up with this idea during the pandemic. It’s a program with a small group of people and we want to spread the idea that beauty is not on the outside but how healthy you are on the inside. We aim to support mental health, healthy skincare habits and spread knowledge about skincare products that are safe to use. The third and most important thing is to promote body positivity and help people be confident in their bodies.

What do you think is the most important prerequisite for turning dreams into reality?

The First would be to dream and the second is to believe that you can achieve that dream. We have to have the faith in ourselves and the courage to pursue our dreams. Do something every day that can help you take a step towards your dream. Lastly, there’s this practice, I write a letter to my future self about all the things I wish to achieve in coming years, fold it and place it in a sealed box. I open this box after few years to analyze my growth.