Dr. Sanjay Sherpuriya : From Passion to Purpose


The journey of a Social Entrepreneur

“Optimal development isn’t a one-night show, it’s a continuous process of endeavours, research, and strategic mechanism to bridge the gap between development and the weaker sections of the society,” says Dr. Sanjay Sherpuriya. Originally from village Sherpur of Gazipur district, Uttar Pradesh and born in a farmer’s family of Assam, Dr. Sanjay Sherpuriya started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17 in Gujarat, with a sum amount of 1 Lac received from the PM Rozgaar Yojana.Today, he stands as an inspiration to the India Inc Ecosystem. Dr. Sherpuriya started his journey with a vision to build a self-reliant economy, especially in the rural division and the weaker parts of the Indian society.

This motivated him to introduce and process various innovative and upgraded modus operandi towards the achievement of this goal. His inclination towards strengthening the youth and empowering them has never seen a pause to date.  To make the best of today and serve the society to its betterment has been Dr. Sanjay’s driving force for it all!

His dedication towards uplifting the rural section of the society, has honoured him with the position of the national ambassador of SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Choupal under the initiative of UNSDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). Dr. Sanjay Sherpuriya’s brainchild to the purpose of development amongst the rural youth have given birth to the ‘Youth Rural Entrepreneurial Foundation’. Under his able guidance and his expertise as a visionary for an economically resilient and efficient rural segment, the foundation is working towards the objective of creating employment opportunities for the youth living in the rural areas of India. The Economic Council of India has also honoured him with the Youth Ambassador of the Council.

Popularly known as the Messiah of Ghazipur, Dr. Sherpuriya’s zeal and passion to interpret the issues of the farmers and the youth has been radical. With an approach to address the issues and obstacles faced by them, ‘The Centre for Excellence’ is set up in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh by YREF. This centre is a facility that provides leadership, best practice, research, support, and training to the local youth of Ghazipur in terms of scientific farming and allied activities like dairy, poultry, and animal husbandry with the help of advanced techniques and skill development.

Dr. Sherpuriya envisions India’s to be a country where people are not only financially free but also develop an empathetic view towards other beings and purposefully serve the society.

He is also working towards imparting trainings from the Centre for Excellence. Dr. Sherpuriya says, “With the help of subsidies from banks and government, the unemployed in the village and surrounding areas will turn into entrepreneurs and employment will be generated”

He believes the Centre can inspire to be a value chain for the financing of upcoming agro-entrepreneurs in the project area. Direct and indirect employment in production, storage, and transportation for approximately 25,000 people on an ongoing basis is anticipated to be generated.


His initiative ‘Lakdi Bank’ emerged in the wake of prohibiting the dumping of dead bodies in the rivers due to Covid 19.  Under this special initiative to prevent bodies from being dumped into the holy Ganga, Dr. Sherpuriya helped set up nine firewood banks at various cremation grounds on the banks of the river. For families that could not financially perform the last rites of their loved ones who got under the clutch of pandemic and those whose families have abandoned the dead, Mr. Sherpuriya took a big step to bid a final adieu to them. This noble initiative of helping the poor in performing the last rites of their kin with honour and respect while following all prescribed COVID protocols has garnered applause from the media houses and personalities in a phenomenal way. He also got recognition from World Record of India for this noble activity.

Social Entrepreneurship forms the crux of what inspires Dr. Sanjay Sherpuria in kickstarting his day but not many know that he happens to also be a great thinker and writer. He has written more than 20 books full of inspiration and knowledge through his life.

( His two books, “Hindu Dharm ki Dharohar – Bhartiya Sanskruti” & Mai Madhobhai Ek Pakistani Hindu” were inaugurated by RSS chief Shri Mohan Bhagvat ji, as well as “Divya Darshi Modi” by Rev. Shankaracharya Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati ji)

 In 2023, he also got an honorary doctorate and a World record honour for his extra ordinary work of Rural Economy and Youth Empowerment. He has provided mentorship to more than 10 L youth and empowered them to know what roots of modern India are made up of.

They say, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world,”  and Dr. Sanjay Sherpuria has stood word by word to this. His vision and work towards empowering the rural segment continues to be a key milestone and a contributor to the overall economic development of India.


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