Dr. Sushindri Sridharan- Contemporary Medications

Dr. Sushindri Sridharan

If you were to name two professions that have had the most impactful effects on celluloid, what would they be? Certainly, Medicine and AI. Now imagine combining the two. Well that’s what this interview with Dr. Sushindri Sridharan is all about. Her fascination for the human body and upcoming technology is what led to her iconic contribution to society – her app!

Taking us through the technology side of medicine and revealing to us about the future of neuro sciences combining with AI this interview is one of a kind. If you are a human and live in a world where AI rules, then you should definitely give it a read.

Dr. Sushindri Sridharan - Contemporary Medications


Questions and answers

What intrigued your interest to be a doctor one day and what did you love the most about this profession?

The human body is a fascinating subject to study. Medical students and professionals have the opportunity to investigate it further using cutting-edge technology. Modern medicine is one of the most intriguing disciplines in the world. From the heart’s pumping to pain-relieving medications to gadgets that allow you to peer inside a person. And that’s what fascinated me.

What were some of the hurdles you had to face in the initial days of your journey?

Life is a roller coaster ride full of unknowns. You can either accept it and enjoy the ride, learning from your experiences along the way, or you can rebel against all of life’s hurdles, resenting every step of the way. The latter prevents you from growing or developing, whereas the former allows you to learn from your struggles and grow as a person as a result of them. I believe in this.

What were your ways of tackling those difficulties in the hard times and emerging successful?

Life’s challenges are unavoidable, and you may use them to your advantage. Each one provides a chance for personal development and advancement. Ultimately, the idea is to use what you’ve learned as you mature to become the best version of yourself.

Tell us the story that led to the foundation of S10 Safecare and how the idea popped up?

Adhering to my dreams, I recognised the importance of converting my knowledge in healthcare which made me take up entrepreneurship. I decided to use software and technology to get people hands on health with the guidance of my father Mr. Sridharan Sivan’s vast knowledge on technology and is the founder of S10 HEALTH.

What problems did you experience that made you feel the importance of such safe care to prevent doctor's burnout?

Integrating AI into the healthcare ecosystem allows for a multitude of benefits, including automating tasks and analyzing big patient data sets to deliver better healthcare faster, better continuity of care and at a lower cost. No wonder more and more medical imaging software development companies are on the rise.

How can one self manage their fitness and wellness with the help of the product

Unlike any other fitness app, apart from the essential features like personalized diet plans, calorie tracking, exercises, sleep & stress management, what makes unique is, it makes people aware of the risks, it gives people the flexibility to plan activities & set health goals that is at a comfortable pace with the help of the health coaches. incorporates powerful technologies and science for behavior change to adopt a healthy lifestyle and achieve great results.

What strategies are used to reach multiple people to provide them world class service?

We are providing affordable “Health and Wellness plans” to all health seekers, schools as well as corporate companies. Our model of care is to make people self- sustainable with their health and wellness needs. So we came up with an App, where anyone can take care of their health and fitness with a few clicks

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years and what are the newer domains you would like to dip your feet in?

My vision is to introduce AI in healthcare and make healthcare accessible through technology.

Being recognised as the Times Most Influential Personalities of 2021 by Times of India, how do you feel about the prestige and how was that motivated and encouraged you in further pursuits?

It was truly an honour.It has given me a lot of responsibilities and has motivated me to achieve greater things in the coming future.

What would be your message to our readers if they ever face failure in their life?

Root for yourself. If you aren’t your own biggest fan, who will be? Take note of and pride in all your successes and positive attributes. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you “job well done!” Reflecting on your achievements will spur you on to accomplish even greater ones. A negative attitude saps your energy. Don’t ignore problems, but instead of just complaining, look for ways to fix them.

Quick 5

1. Your proudest milestone: Being recognised as times most influential personality of 2021

2. Your most favorite book: The lean startup

3. The Mantra you follow in life: Hustle Grind Execute Dominate

4. The person whom you look upto the most: My father Mr. Sridharan Sivan

5. When you don’t work, you mainly?: Workout